Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Flowering of plants

It isn’t  a big thing, our delicate tree is in gorgeous bloom at the moment ( not atm its started blooming since last month) I was waiting for its name 2-3 days back he came to us and I asked him the name of the blooming delicate tree that we have. On looking up the internet it was not the true name of the blooming tree .
What is in the name it’s still at the bloom too, and it’s something I think can only be truly appreciated close up! I suit it up from each branch and from all the sides. This tree plant is in a large pot and placed in the pot stand I bought 3 years back from Ludhiyana City when my daughter accompanied me for our projects annual unit meet (workshop). The branches of the same tree of our neighbor ( I am happy that I am inspirational for the greenery of my house)  bowing towards our side accompanying the branches of our tree. So the bloom is double enhances the beauty of two houses. Both these tree plants are in the pots and form part of the garden of our own property.

Also flowering at the  moment is the  MC  of our city planted in the park (in  front of our house, adding beauty of our front gate) I think some  2-3 years ago. Nice, and flushed with colour. How floured.  

  Jatropya a plant i strongly  like to have in my backyard tooo because of its propencity for bugs.
The stunning display of  flowering shurbs and plants left me breathless. This garden was at its peek even though the dry season was in full swing.

The pink and white buds  'Papri tree' I think is still my favorite though I love the   buds in my floating vase' I must admit.  Who can pick????  

And lastly to round up my pink mood for the day is the hakik maalaa  which looks pink to me butmy niece said is red when it opens up.  I am throwing it in with my pinks cause it looks pink to me.  


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