Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Isn’t it yarn bombing in front of Jagdish store at Delhi? I acquainted with  Yarn Bombing from The Yarn Harlot. Apparently from other sites in the net later on, but I hesitate to do it myself in India. . Crocheted or wraps for trees and banisters, little knitted creations hanging from lamp pulls, socks on table legs... yarn bombing. My house wasn't so much bombed by finished items but see these piles of yarn. I think I will wrap the trunk of the tree outside my house.

 Have a look and be acquaint with yarn bombing from This  site of Yarn Harlot
I think when I crochet more then 3-4 hours daily( these days) then I am a crocheter. The rhythm of the hook that I move and the processes of crocheting forces me to slow down and pay attention to the essential nature odf what I am creating in my creativity processes in my life. 
In Front of Jagdish store,New Delhi
The outcome is often unexpected and has the potential to lead me to a new place. The metaphor of crocheting a life is always present for me as I work, and crocheting becomes a way of expressing interconnectedness of all life forms, one thread at a time.

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