Thursday, October 9, 2014


PROCRASTINATION IS THE THIEF OF TIME<===> गया वक्त फिर हाथ नहीं आता  गया vakt phir hath nahin अत )[Noun]
Did you ever procrastinate about anything? My maami referred to me the master of procrastination.But did you know why? I did’nt stitched her dress, did’nt made her bag, didnt did embroider her pillows? All it was not procrastination.....i think creativity is a SIN!!!

My son cleaning his  car

Do y'all ever procrastinate about anything? My son and I have referred to ourselves as the king and queen of procrastination. HAHA!!

Diwali cleaning was initiated with  two things that I have put off and put off for a long I needed to clean above the door frames. You know that little section above that door frame that sticks out from the door? I have noticed lots of dust up there on the bathroom door and it's been driving me NUTS looking at it. But, of course, I noticed it LAST WEEK and just yesterday finally cleaned it off. OH!! And you know what? I cleaned that part of every door in our home and it took only about 20 minutes to do it!! Just two quick wipes was all it took above each door frame and ta-da they are clean!!!

Yes !Thorough cleaning

The other job that I've been putting off is washing our mesh windows and doors. In the past, I have said that mopping is my most dreaded part of cleaning. While doing it I always ……. Nope. I've discovered that I washing windows is worse!!! That would definitely explain why I haven't cleaned our windows since JANUARY this year!!! Oh my!!! And before that it had been TWO YEARS since they were last clean!!!!!! Yes, it's true!!!! So, I have decided to mend my ways and put myself on a monthly window cleaning schedule!!! When they are cleaned more often, it's MUCH easier to clean them!

Anyway... I started cleaning the windows and I cleaned all of them in our house in about 45 minutes!!! That was MUCH faster than I had anticipated! I was very happy to be done with cleaning them AND that it was much faster that I had expected!!!

So... what dreaded task have YOU been putting off? Tackle it today!!! I bet it'll take a whole lot less time and energy than you think!

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