Monday, October 6, 2014

trip with crochet project ......

Last week I got to see my daughter at New Delhi to accompany her for her participation in a seminar”Samkalin Sahity me Stri chetana” in Lakshmibai College - University of Delhi for its golden jubilee celebrations   - obviously I have to proceed with some projects for the journey /to and fro for trip

.   I had  been crocheting   granny squares and bootties for my grand daughter.  And I packed some balls of yarn + a crochet hook. My grand daughter  is just beautiful and already knows how to rock hand crocheted bootees. These are her  booties  by her grand ma, which is a   pattern that  designed with pen and paper in my hand. Drawing pattern is much more easy then the written one. As far as pattern writing is concern I am very lazy I first complete certain projects and the pattern writing lingers behind for months may be years

2  crocheting projects on the go. Look how lovingly they are just dumped on the stool
Winding this yarn is what we did while watching Navratri celebrations in community hall in front of our flat , from our flat's balcany in Delhi.  So we had colour in our room too, just a different mode!

Next on that red and white chequered table are the colourful granny  squares I created first for my best out of waste project in 1974. I swear I was not aware about the name granny square at that time I just make the muffler/scarf out of small-small balls of leftover yarn from my mother .At that time I was doing my Bsc in home science.that scarf was my lovely during several years to warm my years during cycling to my college.  Then it was used to put on mental in winter. Now it is here on the niche of my daughter’s room in Delhi.

My first granny square project  of 1974

the momento presented by college in the seminar
the  ripple bolster crocheted by me one of them  is with my daughter at Delhi
I have made this one many times before, that is after the first project for my Bsc  and find it looks adorable in just about any combination of colours.  There are lots of great patterns in  several blog. I found another several beauty on Ravelry and crocheted  in just a few hours from a single ball of acrylic yarn. Can't wait to see this one modelled!  It is  the first blanket I am crocheting for my Rehana. The enormous colours are such fun. . I love that you can make several granny squares   with any doily based stitch pattern that you like. The possibilities are endless.

the ripple bolster 

Finally finished my roll ripple pillow.  I had to extend the stuffing pouch inside.  As it 

turned out a co-worker bought it from me.  I had made her a baby boy blanket earlier in 

the year and it matched with it.

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