Thursday, January 1, 2015

My father's suggestions......

 Do we need to have a teacher to guide  ?
I can definitely see how a guru or teacher would be very valuable for many people, at least for part of the journey, but I also think there are other ways to go about it.  One of the things I like about Hindu way of life  is that you do not need an intermediary between yourself and God. Because the divine is within you, you are always capable of accessing it directly.

On the other hand, a guide can be enormously helpful . My father was/is my real Guru.
Let me say something........that previously I was  used to think, is it really true that everything is written somewhere? Many times it happens with me that whenever I achieve something people used to say, “You are lucky” with one sentence they completely ignore all my hard work, it really hurts, but I also used to think what if I was not in the right place at the right time. So maybe they are not completely wrong. When I got failed to achieve something and negative thoughts like “Why it always happens with me?” came to mind, my father calms down me by reciting the famous  Shloka from  Bhagavad_Gita :
Meaning – Your right is to work only,
But never to its fruits;
Let not the fruits of action be thy motive,
Nor let thy attachment be to inaction.

Honestly, I never understand the real meaning of this  Shloka. I used to think, fruits are the motivation for any action how can a person doesn’t think about it. But after my father’s guidance I came to know what exactly it means, a person can get real satisfaction and pleasure only when he will do the work without thinking about results. Results make us conscious or we can say it makes us fearful. But it’s true nobody has control over the results, then who has control over it.. Fate/destiny??
  Loard Krishna said in  _Gita that it is true that Fate exists and person get results according to his Fate, but we misunderstood the meaning of the same. We decide our fate by choosing right or wrong way. It is beautifully shown in below video part of  Ramanand_Sagar ‘s Shiri  Krishna.


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