Thursday, April 23, 2015

Hum Ko Manki Shakti Dena

It's a prayer in guddi its self awareness song its inspirational song .jaya innocent acting adds to the beauty to the song

Prayers when sung by little children are as PURE AS THEIR EYES without sins and fragile as a lotus petal and GOD hears their prayers without fail and there voices even radiate bliss that do touch our souls without fail thus enlightening us of GODS PRESENCE within us all.

Translation goes like this, "Oh our beloved Lord, we are Your children, give us the power to conquer the evils. We should be loving to all.  We should merge our feelings with friends and foes. We should be compassionate towards others. Oh Lord, kindly save us from falsehood. Rather than conquering others, we should be victorious on our shortcomings. Kindly bless us with powers of mind to overcome all difficulties. Oh Our Beloved Father, bless us with all the virtues of life to love and respect others. Give us wisdom to be kind and loving."


Wednesday, April 22, 2015


It's been a while since I last posted an entry here. This creative person (yes ! I’m creative) has been very busy... with life and with crochet,sewing,and making yarn with fabric scraps in leisure time. A lot of unexpected things happened that had me doing things and planning like crazy. Friends ordered crocheted items when I show them my finished projects . I think I will write a separate blog about this.
Aside from  doing things listed above , photography is also my passion. This week has been a busy one because we had to go to my sis for a week for change. And then, we had an unexpected photo shoot on the way.  When we got home to Hisar, we're scheduled to go to Delhi. So we had to unpack and pack the luggage.   We came back soon and did tiring job of dusting and washing.

Vipin Choudhary's photo.
* Savita Singh, Hindi 
* Akhil Katyal, English 
* Shefalika Verma, Maithili 
* Rehman Musawwir, Urdu
* Ramphal Chahal, Haryanvi 
* Vipin Choudhary, Haryanvi 
* Jasvinder Kaur Bindra, Punjabi

 a phot of audience on that evening son is sitting in last row, my niece is sitting at his right a raw ahead my'sis's daughter is visible with her half face ..smiling
बहुभाषी कविता पाठ की तस्वीर हम सब: बाएं से हिंदी ( अमित ओहलान), अंग्रेजी ( अखिल कत्याल), मैथली, (शेफालिका वर्मा), हरियाणवी (विपिन चौधरी) , पंजाबी ( जसविंदर कौर बिंद्रा ) और उर्दू ( रहमान मुसव्विर )

A re-energizing attendance at Hauz Khaas- Lokayata Art Gallery for Multi-Lingual Poetry Recitation, organised by Vipin Choudhary  (from anchor's fb Prveen sharma 

my daughter reciting her poem that evening
 — with Shefalika Verma.(as per my daughter clippingsand photo  from my daughter's fb)
multilingual poetry organized by the Mahila Suraksha Samiti (Haryana) on 18th April at the Lokayata Art Gallery, Hauz Khas Village, Delhi. Poets will be reading their work in Hindi, Maithili, English, Urdu, Haryanvi and Punjabi: