Thursday, January 21, 2016

Rehana is 16 months

“juuuuuuuuuuuusssssssssss”is what Rehana  is saying in this first picture. More like, "eeeeees" really. Rehna rehana... she can be so somber around other people and then the funniest little ham around her family. I LOOOOVE this stage right now. Watching her literally toddling around the house, trying to run fast and bonking into things as she gains balance. She makes all of us laugh. 
One of our favorite games at dinner time is "Following Rehna." It is hilarious what Rehana will try to make us do and she gets such a kick out of it! 
She is the pickiest eater and is still just a little runt. ;) I'm sure people are shocked when we tell them she is 14 months . But while she is small, she can understand everything you say. It's amazing. Baby brains blow my mind. 
She takes one nap a day, usually around 12 for about an hour- hour and a half. She goes to bed at 11, wakes up at 7/8ish. 
Sh folds her arms voluntarily during the prayer, and busts out    "ah-ah-ah" when told to sin. 
She loves to play with cars,  monkey, throw balls, make disasters, play with Komal, watch outside the window, be outside, and see animals.
RehanaLOVES animals. LOVES. Dogs has been so fun for her because our park is like a zoo, so she will just look outside the window forever yelling, "bir! bir!" Bird. Ha. We sure love this little girl with all our hearts!!

Rehan’s words: bird, dog, ball, mommy/mom, up, down, hi, dada, apple, baba (bottle), Ya/no, uh-oh, su-su  (and pats her hips).  


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