Sunday, March 6, 2016

Me made doll.

Project Doll!

Project Doll!

It was our textile class, we have to submit a project (utility article out of waste). After submission all the articles from the whole class will be sold in the fair, we will got the original price of the material , while the profit was supposed to go for charity. i hurriedly went to our main library, search for a craft book for reference, it was scorching heat in the month of May, but library was cool with AC connection in the close sequence room, and the browsing room. It took me 2 hours to found out a big craft book, I go through it standing near the rack itself, and issued it for a week. In those days my parents were in Chandigarh. I was in our Chandigarh house the next day for a week’s holiday. My vacation wrapped up in making the project “DOLL”.The project worked out so fruitful ( I got A grade for it), and beautiful that every body praised for it. As soon as I submitted it to my teacher, she purchased( for Rs 5 )it at once than and there. That is ….No need to put it in “fair stall” for sale.
Now after the coming many years I made so many dolls for my nice-and nephews, children of my friends and relatives, for the children of my neighbors and dear ones. Whenever I was in need of a gift, I always used to make that doll, not only that, I used to have one in advance in my stock for sudden requirement, the cycle lasted for many years.

In the picture above my sister’s son ( he is a doing his computer-engineering these days) is holding the specimen doll, in his hand.

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