Saturday, March 12, 2016

recycling burlap and plastic bags

That's how I came up with to use empty plastic 1 and 5-liter tins of paint, 1-litre  of ghee. Cropped throat, puncture the bottom four holes. On the PVA glue paste bandage. Braided plastic yarn into multi coloured strings . The more connections, the more interesting and bigger pot turns. I get a long tape and glue PVA paste on a circle to the bank. In addition, the pot can be decorated with crocheted yarns.

You found out.  I’ve got a crush on jute.

 It’s true, though.  I love the natural look and beautiful texture that jute adds to a project, and to a room.  There are countless ways to use this inexpensive and often overlooked material in decorating and diy projects, so
Selvedged yarn of burlap bags of grains having written messages on them.
i love the details created by coloures  of messages on the burlap sac

Jute string burlap and mod podge give a plastic pot makeover

Wrap a 5 gallon bucket in burlap yarn for a cool, easy and cheap pot

  I’ve created several decorative tines with  jute yarn(selvedged from burlap bags of wheat grains) to add texture and a natural element to my projects and accessories in decorating!
Spruce up a plain tin with jute.

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