Monday, July 18, 2016

Kahan Se Aaye Badra

Here is a very well sung song from “chasme Baddoor”.It was picturised on Vinod Nagpal and Dipti Nawal. Vinod Nagpal incidentally is better known for his role in Indian TV’s first mega serial called “Hum Log” in 1980s, where he played the role of “Basesar”.
 It is sung by Yesudas and Haimanti Shukla. Lyricist is Indu Jain and music director is Rajkamal. The music of Rajkamal reminds me of the music of “Saawan ko aane do” which was a Rajshree Productions movie and a musical blockbuster to boot. Here Rajkamal comes up with another nice musical effort. Frankly, I had never heard about Indu Jain ( the lyricist) and Haimanti Shukla ( the female singer). Yesudas, a living legend of South Indian playback singing, sang very few songs in Bollywood movies, but these few songs have become memorable.

And this song is certainly a memorable song.

It was raining all the day round and
Just making this post has made me feel just a little cooler.

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Tu Jahan Jahan Chalega Mera Saaya Saath Hoga - Lata Mangeshkar's Superhit Classic Song - Mera Saaya,मुबारक़ बेगम

Madan Mohan composition in the voice of Lata Mangeshkar , and Mehandi Ali Khan’s poem is a TRIVENI SANGAM it's a heart touching’s really closer to me..... We have seen this  film in CCS HAU’S Veterinary auditorium I was studying in BSc and lived in hostel.

This is from Mera Saya (1966) with Sadhana in a double role. One role of wife of Sunil Dutt and the other of the twin sister. The film was a remake of a Marathi film Pathalag and had a great off beat storyline. The film had Naino Mein Badra Chhaye (Lata), Jhumka Gira Re (Asha) and Aap Ke Pehlu Mein Aa Kar Ro Liye (Rafi). There was also another song by Lata, Nainonwali Ne Haye Mera Dil Loota (yet to be posted.). Lyrics are by Raja Mehdi Ali Khan. The song is on the Do Pehlu Do Rang Do Geet theme- one happy one sad. The first clip is the standard version that plays on radio usually. The second clip has both the versions.

 The song is used a few times in the movie.
मुबारक़ बेगम
एक स्तब्ध कर देने वाली ख़बर है मुबारक़ बेगम का निधन.अपनी सुरीली, भावुक, उनींदी और रेशमी आवाज़ के लिए मशहूर गुज़रे ज़माने की विख्यात गायिका मुबारक़ बेगम का पिछली रात निधन हो गया। लगभग अस्सी साल की बेगम अपनी बीमारी और आर्थिक अभाव की वजह से पिछले कुछ सालों से अपने जीवन के सबसे बड़े संकट से गुज़र रही थीं। मुंबई के जोगेश्वरी इलाके में अपने एक  पुराने फ्लैट  के बेडरूम में अकेली रहने वाली बेगम अकेलेपन में ही चल बसी । हिंदी फिल्मों की संगीत राजनीति की वज़ह से बेगम को बहुत मौके नहीं मिले, लेकिन उनके गाए कुछ गीत हमारी संगीत धरोहर के अमूल्य हिस्से हैं। उनकी गहरी, कच्ची, भावुक आवाज़ हमारी पीढ़ी के लोगों के हिस्से के इश्क़ और अधूरेपन की कभी हमराह हुआ करती थी। उनके गाए कुछ प्रमुख गीत हैं - कभी तन्हाइयों में भी हमारी याद आएगी (हमारी याद आएगी), वो न आएंगे पलट के उन्हें लाख हम बुलाएं (देवदास), हम हाले दिल सुनायेंगे, सुनिए कि न सुनिए (मधुमती), बेमुरव्वत बेवफ़ा बेगानाए दिल आप हैं (सुशीला), नींद उड़ जाए तेरी चैन से सोने वाले (जुआरी), कुछ अज़नबी से आप हैं कुछ अजनबी से हम (शगुन),  मुझको अपने गले लगा लो ऐ मेरे हमराही (हमराही), जब इश्क़ कहीं हो जाता है तब ऐसी हालत होती है (आरज़ू) और वादा हमसे किया दिल किसी को दिया (सरस्वतीचन्द्र)।

भगवान  मरहूमा मुबारक़ बेग़म की रूह को सुकून बख्शे !

Naino Mein Badra Chhaye - Best Classic Romantic Hindi Song - Mera Saya ...

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Jagannath Puri Rath Yatra

Chariot festival was celebrated on 6th July it is pious occasion of great significance.  This time I wanted to go to Puri for this festival but i cant .
 It is the time to seek blessings of Lord..It is celebrated with much enthusiasm and joy.. jai Shri Krishna
this is one of the most awaited Hindu festivals of the state as well as the country. The celebration of this day starts much earlier that comprises the construction and decoration of the Raths or Chariot by numerous devotees & volunteers. The three chariots that are the highlights of the entire Yatra are pulled by strings. The chariot of Lord Jagannath which is 45.6 feet high, high comprises 18 wheels and is referred as Nandighosa. Balabhadra’s chariot is made 45 feet high with 16 wheels is called Taladhvaja. The chariot of Subhadra known as Devadalana has 14 wheels and is 44.6 feet high. All these chariots are decorated with various designs and colors by the artists of Puri that showcases their enthusiasm for the Yatra.
The famous festival that is celebrated usually in the month of June or July commences when the chariots of Lord Jagannath accompanied by his elder brother Balabhadra and sister Devi Subhadra are brought out on to the Main Street of Puri known as Bada Danda.

The Chariots are then taken to the Shri Gundicha Temple to their aunt’s house where the deities enjoy a nine days stay and are served with sweet pancakes.

Chhera pahara is the most famous ritual associated with the Jagannath Puri Rath Yatra 2016. During the festival, the Gajapati King sweeps all around the deities and chariots. He then cleanses the road with a broom (gold-handled) and sprinkles sandalwood water and powder. The custom showcases that in the eyes of Lord Jagannath every devotee is equal be it the king or a commoner. This ritual is held on two days, firstly on the Rath Yatra Puri when the three deities goes to their aunt’s house and lastly on the day when they are ceremoniously brought back to the Puri Temple.
At the Gundicha Temple, the deities stay for a period of nine days and enjoy their vacations at their aunt’s house and have fun all the while. On their way back to the Temple, the deities are offered Poda Pitha when their chariots halt at the Mausi Maa Temple. This sweet is a kind of baked cake that is meant to be consumed by the poor sections only. The celebration and observation of the Puri Rath Yatra Festival date back to the period of the Puranas and the descriptions of the same can be found in Brahma Purana, Padma Purana, and Skanda Purana and Kapila Samhita.
The Rath Yatra at Puri is a significant event in the entire state that is witnessed by numerous tourists both foreigners and Indians. During the Rath Yatra, Puri is colored in the most vivid hues of sheer joy & enjoyment and is flocked with devotees who wish to pay their honor to the deities and seek their blessings.