Sunday, December 31, 2017

Happy 2018!

Another year ends, another cycle ends.

The grace of life is to continue learning, striving and improving always.
This year let's do what time does with us ...
Take advantage of it!
The maximum!
Live each of the 365 days as if it were the first! Full of new challenges,
I wish all our my blog readers a great 2018!

happy new year 2018 animated gif के लिए इमेज परिणाम

Monday, December 25, 2017

Happy New Year in Advance............Beating the life........

I know that the following snaps have not touched the photographic height; still I feel you would enjoy the beating of life. I have to shoot down my passion with this mobile camera which is not able to activate in the evening.
As there was knock on out main gate (due to some fault the bell is not able to rung). I went out in the front yard to answer the knock …….then after the necessary deal with the handyman.He came in with this board that i ordered to make for me.

wooden board to stack puff quilts
I decided to arrange the washed-and- dry articles of clothing’s ...I had my mobile with me and therefore couldn't prohibit my passion from taking a few snaps. The blinding heat of the sun made my feet play a touch-and –lift game on the sun burnt floor of the verandah. I had no footwear and therefore I continued to jib wildly.

These beautiful Marigolds on wall, the two in a pot, get my niece’s fond splashes at everyday evening when she returns from her college. 

She applies vermicampost to the soil, and tries to take technical care to grow them. Sometimes, she pour on them the artificial rain with the big pipe’s nozzle. The moment she caresses the saplings, they really spring into blossoms of life.

Have a look at Jatropha  flowers, the dancing queens in rosy pink. They seem to dance with our neighbour’s Jatropha flowers throw the wall. They seem to be very much annoyed nowadays at the mischievous climbing of the nectar-greedy ants.

My son’s pants and shirt’s and my mom’s Chunni s–resting with the warmth of peace. Far away in the next corner are seen the marigolds- diminishing the glory of the melting yellow of the sun.
Isn't it beating of a life !!!!!!!!
Have a good day!

fashion over fifty: Lotta Trends

I’ve recently been shop for the silk I will make my Shalwar kameez suit out of this material I spent a fair amount of money on this material. that i can easily handle the material during sewing..... I love both the Silk  material  – silk dupioni and silk shantung.  These gorgeous materials make the most stunningly elegant outfits, and they are just perfect for special occasion ensembles.  But recently I’ve heard some people wondering, “What’s the difference between dupioni and shantung, anyhow?”
I’ll admit that the two are so closely related that it is sometimes tricky to tell the difference, but you can usually make an educated guess if you know the following information:
Silk Dupioni is thicker, has more slubs, and the general texture is almost rustic.  It has recently gained more favor for formal wear and party attire, though in previous years it has been considered not quite as formal as shantung because of its rougher appearance.
Silk Shantung is thinner (though it still has a crisp feel), and has much smaller and fewer slubs.  This lustrous silk is perfect for almost any type of suit, and when viewed from a distance you may not be able to distinguish any texture at all.  You can use shantung for nearly any historic period as well, from pre Independence, to After 1947, and the 1950s (my favorite!).
You can see more comparison photos and read the full article here.

 I bought this silk fabric in three piece.....a few days back

the first one is for Chunni 
and the second one is for s Shalwar  the third one with flowers is for  kameez  ...right!
this is a laborious work to sit and sew..........i am fallowing my hobby of sewing after alllllloooooooooonggggggggg gappppppppp right!!!

So it will took some time to be habitual in this crafty thing!!!!!any how sewing in within my genetic make up i will fill the gap period into  a perfect sewing master !!!!!
Happy sewing!

Masoom (1960): Humein un raahon par chalna hai jahaan ghirna aur sambhal...

Hamen un raahon par chalna hai ……
I was watching television the other day and I heard, the lines of the song “Hamen un raahon par chalna hai which has been always inspiration in my hardand dark days. It’s been years since I recited it. I cannot believe I am hearing this song again.
This was a song taught to me in my middle school at Tosham, distt BhiwaniHaryana
(6th standard) by my schoolteacher. I learnt the song having no idea about its background – I did not even know it was a movie song !!!
I had completely forgotten about it.
I forgot the lyrics to it and forgot about it all together until someone was singing it on TV earlier this week.
Someone recite few lines of this song in the context of “Excelsior” and “never give up” attitude. While I was listening I could actually feel my blood surge and I had goose bumps. Listening to it after all these years, there are tears in my eyes. I thought to myself, Gosh! This is the very song, I learnt in my school days along with my friends, our music teacher Mrs Vishnu Devi the badi bahinjithe “badi bahinji” was used to determine the age factor. Mrs.Vishnu Devi was oldest among the OTHER teacher’s in school. I actually loved music especially “instrumental” I love the way she taught us talas which is basis of rhymes in Indian classical music. I still remember talaas; jhaptaal, ektaal….and various others that we learnt in school days. Since I was so touched by this song, and in reality till date I wasn’t aware that this WAS A MOVE song, as I stated earlier. Any now I decided that I would share it with you. When I learnt it in my elementary school days, IT didn’t make much sense to me those days. It was just the song we had to learn to recite for the school functions. As I grow, in my hard times, in my failures, obstacles, problems, I always used to recite “Hamen un raahon par chalna hai jahaan girnaa aur sambhalnaa hai”. really, those were the days of idealism in India, when we loved all these patriotic and idealistic songs.
Gone are the days of…..!! I’m more then 50 now but after I heard it on TV, I actually scouted it for net and realized and found out that, it’s from movie Masoom of 1960. The movie “Masoom” (1960) is known for the immortal song “Naani teri morni ko mor le gaye”.This one is lesser known song from this movie. This song is sung by Subir Sen, Aarti Mukherji and chorus. Raja Mehdi ali Khan is the lyricist and Robin Mukherji is the music director.
This song is picturised on Manmohan Krishna, Honey Irani and others.
It’s a nice song and motivational. I finally managed to get it and have it pasted and uploaded its Video

For all the times you feel aback and like giving up, please do spend a few seconds to ponder on this song. I’m sure it’ll make a difference…Enjoy!!!

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Diary page june 7,2011-----A cozy afternoon and little bit crocheting

The coolness and soothing in weather due to yesterday’s rain didn’t last long and with my little niece off to her exams until evening there was only one thing to do…crochet little projects
I made three bookmarks to give one away to my niece’s lovely friend.This was really a fun and quick project to do during a comfortable weather and moments. Hoping these will spur reading of the owners.
My niece earned the first one of the crocheted bookmark and another the fan shaped one, for taking it over to her friend, her family lives just 100 feet away to our house. She had her book mark the little one for chemistry book which she needs frequently.

Previously when I made this one in self designed colour, my daughter came in from Delhi. She was so delighted for its beauty and of course it’s her authentic need too. She reads a lottttttttttttt. She is a writer.

She said “mummy you should be a professional crocheter, you would make lots of money (extra money from leisure activities).” Bless her, she’s serious. That is the magical thing about making little things for your children. It doesn’t matter if they are blurry, not perfect or little bit. Your children will always think your creations are the best.

I will rant about …may be in coming post about …..a growing epidemic that not many people are even aware about (as described by my librarian friend). As per my friend many…mannnnnnnnnnnnny of readers came in this library to read are not using proper bookmarks when reading book!!
Yes, I know that is very hard to believe but I myself have seen it with my own eyes. Some people leave behind the library receipt, doctor appointment slips, and papers with names/phone numbers on them, invitation cards, a blank check, photographs, even a candy wrapper.
And some people actually fold the pages of the book instead of using any kind of bookmark! Oh the horror!!!!
Make as many as you need and enjoy!!!!

Happy crocheting!


Tuesday, December 19, 2017


I made this toothbrush &cream holder last week. I just quiet lazy,bored and wanted to make something small and interesting (actually I was in need of separate holder for my friend and guest ) to “refresh” my mind while working on my other time consuming projects…….

i cut an empty plastic bottle and grabbed some yarn pieces with pony crochet hook ,did some stitches............ 
made a circle of the size of the bottle and the big  petals  to hold the bottle .........some shell stitches around with big spaces .......Finally I am Done!!!!!!!!!!
How beautiful is this ????? Isn't It??????

Monday, December 18, 2017

Me! On green living ways.............

Yes!I am exploring some more Burlap sac decoration items.........Burlap is actually Hessian (cloth)  in India previously all the burlap grain sacs were used to fill the crops of grains…when I was a kid …..still remember lots lllloooooooooooootttttts of burlop sacs filled up with grains  mostly bajra and Grams which was grown in our rainfed sandy area…………..i remember we used to play hide and seek in between filled up sacs of grain……….they may stay their months together in the yard of our mansion ..waiting for grain dealer to transport them in their  godowns i.e. WarehousesThey usually store the grains their and create artificial shortages and make money. Poor farmers! Pity on farmers! And shame for Businessmen /middle men who create money creating false deficiency !Anyhow! Here is my half empty grain sac that is Burlap sac mom is using for several utility items out of it……… are some and doing on these pieces with prints on them ………..beading on fringes………..let see. What will the outcome I will make some of these items and will post …………on my blog!   Yes here itself!.

My mother up-cycled its yarn.........

I crocheted dish clothes out of burlap yarn 
If you are like me …then go toWhip Up for the instructions of bird and tree on burlap.
The directions for frame project is found at ALL THUMBS CRAFTS.
Ribbon weaved burlap makes for lovely placemats. Go toshelterpop to find out how to make these placemats.
 previously i thought i will make my cushions/and pillows out of printed part of the Burlap clothbut mom is decorating these pieces with beads that were left from other Burlap projects!
Also this project with leaves gives me all sorts of ideas. I'm thinking about rearranging the leaves to make wall plaques. Love this look. To see how the leaves are made, go to SPARKLE.

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Let's talk in the language of Quotes...

So much fabric, so little time!  Or, sew much fabric, sew little time!  ~Author Unknown

I'm a material girl - want to see my fabric collection?  ~Author Unknown
One has to look out for engineers - they begin with sewing machines and end up with the atomic bomb---Marcel Pagnol  
The days pass quickly when I am sewing.
~Author Unknown

Really I don't dislike to cook, but what you cook is eaten so quickly.  When you sew, you have something that will last to show for your efforts.  ~Elizabeth Travis Johnson

Stitch your stress away.  ~Author Unknown
Sewing: A creative mess is better than tidy idleness.  ~Author Unknown

 Happy Sewing!!!

Friday, December 15, 2017

Its nice to have grocery bag to avoid poly-bags home!

The Simple one!

An old cricket kit pants ( any paints) can yield 2,3 or even more bags depending upon the size. I have made many a grocery bag from an old pair of jeans and cricket pants. I made this bag out of an old pair of white cricket pants my son had outgrown.
(Jeans and cricket-kit materials are great for grocery bag because they are tough, durable, and hold their shape without a lining.)

First, see and confirm that,
You have a few cricket kit (cricket paint and shirt) i.e. white cricket pants laying around? Any size will do!
I have a lot as it got spoiled at one wear,and needs wash…..wash and wash….. While my son used to play cricket in his school days. He had several (3-4) pairs of cricket kits. It was very tough to maintain their whitness,and he used to need them in perfect white!
Cricket kit
Any how? Here’s your chance to turn your son’s old white cricket pant into a super cool grocery bag for you and your family.
You’ll need:
One pair of white cricket pants
Steel/aluminum/ any matel handles
( straps/handles of same material will also do)
Cut your pieces:
Remove pockets
First, remove the pockets from both the sides as shown in the picture from A and B.

Cut across.. and then cut pieces
Second, mark where (see the picture above) you want to cut your fabric, and make sure how much grocery you have to accommodate in your bag!
Cut across the crotch section (like you’re making shorts) as per your desire for the length of the bag. Cut your pieces from the white pants for the bag. i.e. cut along the marks you made. Since I cut the crotch section , I have two pieces of front and back for the bag (cut two pieces 16 inches wide by 20 inches tall). Open up the fabric. Sew the pocket holes.
Right away you’ll notice one great thing about making a grocery bag out of your old clothes----you won’t have to sew very much, because you can take advantage of the seams that are already there. As I cut this bag out the upper of the pants, so I sewed the bottom and the two sides of the bag. If you used bottom of the leg, and the bottom hem of the leg became the top of your bag, you would only have to sew one seam!
I chose to include the side seam towards the centre of the fabric, but you can place it wherever works for your particular pair of paints. Then you have to hem for the upper portion of the bag.
potted plant...modelling for the bag
Here in mine, I used the finished upper portions of the paints (removed its elastic string).
Turn your material inside out and attaché handles on to the bag! Sew the handles or straps on wrong sides using fabric pieces. I went back and forth a few times for extra strength. I was expecting this bag to get some heavy outdoor use also.
I attached metal handles on both the sides using fabric from same pants, on the upper hem of the paints (see the picture above). You could also make a strap for handles with the same fabric or out of any old ribbon woven tape you have in your stash.
Since there is no pattern for this project, you don’t need to worry about the straps or size, make your own and use your excretion.
Now you have finished front and back portions of the bag with attached handles on the upper hem.
Place your two pieces right sides together. Sew together using a ½ inches seam allowance, leaving the space between your two makings with matel handles open ( I triple sewed mine for extra strength).
Turn bag right side out through the top edge of the bag.
You are done!
There is a lots of options for this bag. You can decorate your finished bag by sewing on patches, sticking on your favorite pins, embroidering them, add readymade appliqué design on the front side or both sides of the bag, or a patch of colorful fabric or anything else you can think of. You can also use 3D fabric flowers.

Can made pockets with zipper inside or for outside of the bag, there are several ways this is the basic simple pattern. I like white color a lot! And simple pattern!
And it’s it!
Take this and make it your own!
Then hold in your hands move for grocery shop!

collage of bag

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

क्रोशिये के कफ और बटन वाले बूट - लड़के और लड़कियों के लिए

आवश्यक सामग्री :
कोई भी मन पसंद ऊन, उसके अनुसार ही क्रोशिया. 
संकेत चिन्ह : चे - चेन, चेनों.  स्टिस्टिचसिंक्रो -सिंगल क्रोशिया, हाडक्रो - हाफ डब्बल क्रोशिया, स्लिस्टी - स्लिप स्टीचडक्रो - डब्बल क्रोशिया.
सोल :
13 चे बनाएं 
पंक्ति 1- दूसरी चे में एक सिंक्रो, 7 बार सिंक्रो और बनाएं, 3 हाडक्रो, आखिरी चे मेंहाडक्रो, बाकी का चक्क्रर चे की दूसरी तरफ बनाएं, 3 हाडक्रो, सिंक्रो 7 बार, 4 सिंक्रो आखिरी /पहली चे में, पहली सिंक्रो में स्लिस्टी. (32)
पंक्ति 2- 1 चे, उसी सिंक्रो मेंसिंक्रो, 9 बार फिर से सिंक्रोहाडक्रो, 2 हाडक्रो 3 बार, 3 हाडक्रो, 2 हाडक्रो 3 बार, हाडक्रो, सिंक्रो 10 बार,2  सिंक्रो 3 बार, पहली सिंक्रो में स्लिस्टी. (43 )

पंक्ति 3 - 2 चे, उसी सिंक्रो में 1 हाडक्रो, 11 बार हाडक्रो,*2 हाडक्रो, 1 हाडक्रो * 7 बार,11 बार हाडक्रो, 2 हाडक्रो, हाडक्रो, 2 हाडक्रो दो बार, हाडक्रो, 2 हाडक्रो, पहली हाडक्रो में स्लिस्टी. (54 )

पंक्ति 4- चे 1, पिछली स्टीचों में काम करना है, चारों तरफ सिंक्रो बनाएं, पहली सिंक्रो में स्लिस्टी बनाएं. (54)

पंक्ति 5 -6 -चे 1,चारों तरफ सिंक्रो बनाएं,पहली सिंक्रो में स्लिस्टी बनाएं. (54)

पंक्ति 7- चे 1, उसी सिंक्रो में 1 सिंक्रो, 12 बार सिंक्रो, 2 सिंक्रो इक्क्ठे, 7 बारडक्रो इक्क्ठे, 2 सिंक्रो इक्क्ठे, चारों तरफ  सिंक्रो, पहली सिंक्रो में स्लिस्टी. (45)

पंक्ति 8- चे 1, उसी  सिंक्रो मेंसिंक्रो, 10 सिंक्रो, 2 सिंक्रो इक्क्ठे, 2 डक्रो  इक्क्ठे, डक्रो, 3 डक्रो इक्क्ठे, 2 डक्रो इक्क्ठे, 2 सिंक्रो इक्क्ठे, चारों तरफ सिंक्रो, पहली सिंक्रो में स्लिस्टी. (39)
पक्ति 9-  चे 1, उसी सिंक्रो में 1सिंक्रो, 8 बार सिंक्रो, 2 सिंक्रो इक्क्ठे, 2 डक्रो इक्क्ठे, 3 डक्रो इक्क्ठे, 2 डक्रो इक्क्ठे, 2 सिंक्रो इक्क्ठे, चारों तरफ सिंक्रो, पहली सिंक्रो में स्लिस्टी. (33)
पंक्ति 10- चे 1, उसी सिंक्रो में 1 सिंक्रो, 6 बार सिंक्रो, 2 सिंक्रो इक्क्ठे, डक्रो, 3 डक्रो इक्क्ठे, डक्रो, 2 सिंक्रो इक्क्ठे,चारों तरफ सिंक्रो, पहली सिंक्रो में स्लिस्टी,ऊन तोड़ दें.  (29 )
बूट कफ:
दाहिने बूट के लिए सिलाई की  8 वीं स्टिच में स्लिस्टी, बाएं बूट के लिए सिलाई की 12वीं स्टिच में स्लिस्टी.
 15 चे 
पंक्ति 1-  क्रोशिये की चे की 4थी चे में डक्रो, पहली 3 चे पहली डक्रो है, अगली 11 चेनों में डक्रो, पहले सिंक्रो में डक्रो (जो स्लिस्टी तुमने बनाई थी), 24 बार डक्रो (4 स्पेस बाकी  बचेंगे) 3 स्पेस छोड़ें, आखिरी स्पेस में सिंक्रो.(39 )
पंक्ति 2-  3 - चे (मतलब 1डक्रो), मोड़ें, पहले डक्रो मेंडक्रो और फिर चारों तरफ 35 बार डक्रो, 1 चेडक्रो छोड़ें, आखिरी 2 चे में डक्रो (1चे के स्पेस में-38 )
पंक्ति 3 -  3 चे  (मतलब 1डक्रो), मोड़ें, डक्रो, चे 1स्पेस में डक्रो, चारों तरफ डक्रो. (39 ) 

पंक्ति 4 - कंगूरे (लड़कियों के लिए )- मोड़ें, दूसरे डक्रो में 5 डक्रो,* 1 डक्रो छोड़ें, अगले सिंक्रो  में डक्रो,1 डक्रो छोड़ें, अगले डक्रो मेंडक्रो *, चारों तरफ यही दोहराएं (10 कंगूरे ),नीचे की साइड  (मैंने हरेक पंक्ति के लिए 2 बनाएं हैं इसलिए नीचे की तरफ कुल 6), मूल चे पर तले  की सिंक्रो के चारों तरफ़ सिंक्रो बनाएं (13 ),स्लिस्टी बनाएं और ऊन तोड़ दें. 
पंक्ति  4 - कंगूरे (लड़कों के लिए ) - चे 1, मोड़ें, सिरे पर  सिंक्रो (39 ), नीचे की तरफ़ (6) और तले की चे के चारों तरफ (13 ), स्लिस्टी बनाएं और ऊन तोड़ दें
जहां आपको उचित लगे दोनोँ बूटों पर एक-एक बटन जरूर लगाएं. और बन गए आपके बच्चे के परफेक्ट बूट! 
आप इन्हें बनाएं तो सही फिर देखिए जहां भी आपके बच्चे दिखेंगे ख़ास ही दिखेंगे. साथ ही सर्दी से बचेंगे वो अलग.  फिर बना लीजिए अपने प्यारे बच्चों के लिए एक-एक जोड़ा कफ़ वाले बूट. आपकी सहेली  के बच्चे के जन्म दिन पर इनसे खूबसूरत तोहफा और क्या हो सकता है!