Friday, March 15, 2013

My living room these days...........And...a lovely couple!

That's my son, whose WHOLE-TIME SHOW-ROOM business on the WOOD LAND started this whole thing. Here he is back on the Connaught place ( several tours after the business)with his lovely fiancée!

Yes my little son got engaged just after the opening ceremony of his show room and is getting married at the end of April.   Mazel tov! (congratulations)
(And yes, that is mobile phone cozy in his hand I made for his fiancée-- NOT meeting regulation.)
For comparison's sake, this next photo(below) is from way back when, waiting for the right girl to come...
So two's definitely better than one, wouldn't you say?
My living room these days...........

My sitar is waiting to come in my lap!
Happy Day