Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Small doilies

Last Saturday I started to make these beautiful doilies of different sizes with diff..type of yarn and in diff colours, I decided to make at least 2 a month restricting myself to techniques (designs) that could be accomplished in this given time. My idea behind these was that once I would get going with these doilies, I would learn a lot about the crochet designs, different stitches  too.
Over the years I have realized that once you jump off the process of doing crochet, it is always very difficult to get back on but if I would be able to make two a month, I hopefully would establish a routine and could keep it up. I have almost been able to do it.

This is a small doily that I finished recently.  It is made from a lovely thread with a gold thread running with it so it sparkles. 

I have made two of these and since they are small they can be put under a small figurine/small vases of flowers. The pattern was very easy going.  I find that these patterns with diagrams are easier than all those long instructions of magazines.

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