Saturday, April 27, 2013

Something about crochet of my love

These crochet baskets are so lovely that i will make them with my large wooden crochet hook and shirt yarn


My daughter asked me to make for her in cotton                                                                   

First off I have to say that my favorite crochet is Intarsia (charted) Crochet. I will be getting into this style later on in this series for any experienced crocheters.
Compared with knitting, crochet has a much shorter history, and is thought to have developed from lace-making. The origin is debatable, but research suggest that it became a pastime for high-born ladies in Europe in the 16th century. It was passed on by nuns, who were the main teachers of lace-making at that time.
Crochet was an imitation of lace-making because lace was very expensive and most could not afford it. The word “crochet” comes from the French word for hook.
It evolved from a form a needlework called tambouring, which is a cross between lace-making and crochet. It got its name because it was originally worked in a frame which resembled a tambourine. It looks like chain stitches(used in embroidery) and was used to make decorative flower motifs on muslin and other fabrics.
Once it was discovered that patterns of chain stitches could be made by joining them together without the need for a frame or fabric, lace-making developed into the art we know today as crochet, although at that time is was done with extremely tiny hooks and fine thread (sort of like what you would use to make doilies).
The first publication of crochet patterns was in the 1840′s, crochet became more popular and not only for the wealthy.
Mille Riego de la Branchardiere translated several bobbin  lace and needle lace designs into “Irish” crochet patterns for publication.
Irish Crochet is said to be the finest form of crochet. Exceedingly intricate and complicated patterns are worked with fine thread. Queen Victoria loved this form of crochet so much that she learned how to do it herself.

Happy crocheting!

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