Monday, June 17, 2013

Quick way to wrap the sofa with new cloth

Being fed up with sewing! New un-stitched covers for sofa seats!
 I decided to make a quickie No Sew project

 I bought this green Casement green fabric from Haryana Handloom shop in my city. This was a no sew project that gave me a bit of sewing satisfaction that day. I guess i should call it Faux Sewing because not a needle moved on this one. Also i tied the fabric pieces on the arms too......

I have 8 seater sofas. They have never got any rest since they came here in 2002.they are with good wood, sturdily built worth saving for long as per the cost. I have always loved them. But being in this room for long time faded their glory. I usually remodel them with changed covers. We have a “light” look in this room and I think they should be nicely kept. I accessorize them with beautiful cushions along with different covers on their 
I got 12 yards of casement green fabric and just cut 8 pieces according to the size of each sofa. I interlocked the raw edges.
 I cantered the cushions on the fabric over my dinning in island kitchen, just a convenient spot. Then I proceeded to fold and attached with safety pins. The straight front piece needed to be nice flat.
So it was a simple matter of fold and pin. I may make a nice piped cushion further up the road but this gave me some immediate satisfaction, something I really needed after not having sewn for a while. I like the result.
After the renovation the sofa will go to another room. I think the wood is aging with repeated use of these sofa seats.
My research has shown me that a gel stain will make these look like new and then a quick coat of urethane spray to finish. I think they will look great when all is said and done but in the meantime they look better than what was previously in this room. I think you can see their potential. When children will be in a furniture moving mood I had to take advantage and shift them in my village house.  Have a look for all I did.....

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