Wednesday, November 27, 2013


 I have a limited view when I sit in front of my computer.
Limited to a wall with niche which I prefer to keep occupied …..i prefer to change the things in the niche frequently. When I put the present paintings in this niche I keep them for a long time because these  images   keep me inspired for some reasons.............

A painting of Bani Thani ----------an Indian in the Kishangarh school of paintings. It has been labeled as India's "Mona Lisa". . Bani Thani Is Made By Artist Nihal Chandra. The painting's subject, Bani Thani, was a singer and poet in  Kishangarh in the time of king Savant Singh (1748–1764). It always inspires me to go there and see Kishangarh.
Devgarh substyle painting a ‘toil” rural scene. I like Rajasthan Décor.
And pics of my son with his wife. My son got married in May this year   

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