Thursday, February 27, 2014


I don't have a word to explain goods of my mom, but I have my collections because of my mom. No question. Pitchers and vases, quilts and fabric. My mom knows how to put it all together (sometimes with thumb tacks and safety pins but it always looks fantastic).
 I wouldn't be here without her, but frankly, neither would this blog. My mom, more than anyone,

taught me about the feel of fabric texture, color and contrast, lines and shadows. She's the best baby

dress maker, bead purse maker, house decorator and harvester (in our fields) of the crops I know.

She believed in make-believe with me, let me stay up late to watch calves and  buffaloes be born and
 made tiny dolls for me and my friend mini when we were awesome nefarious kids( mini was more
bad, for the record). During my delivery for my two kids she was with me for whole time till the
babies got two months old, always doing things for me and for my little babies. She gave
me bangs, taught me to love calico (cats & fabric), didn't let me get out of the car until the Beatles
song was over, is my best critic and advocate, and dressed me in that awesome frocks

with frills at neckline  (see photo above). I totally love her. And while today is just a day, it's a good day to note how much of me is from her. And how much I love her. In my bones and in my soul and in all of my best moments. Love love love. All you need is.
xoxo, momma, xoxo.

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