Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Early morning is one of my favorite times with Rehana. She's super mellow and talk-y, and we "chitchat" while she plays in my arms and lap. When Rehana was first born, I was so anxious that I was doing everything right (she was teeny), but these days I'm thankfully settling in, feeling a bit more confident and just enjoying her sweet company. Oh, Rehana, I adore you and your sharp beautiful   eyebrows!

Rehana is only two days

 When my son her father was born the  nurses taught us how to swaddle new born babies  into a little burrito. Babies apparently love being wrapped tightly, since it reminds them of the womb; they also like rocking, bouncing and white noise--including hairdryers!
It was such a magical time. We were thrilled with our time at Holy Mehta Hospital, whose staff gave us such gentle care (the nurses were wonderful. Thanks for your visit

she is 20 days here 


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