Saturday, October 25, 2014

Diwali, Bhaia dooj

It's third day of Diwali celebrations  that is  

The simple jars with crochet  jackets   holding tea   lights thrown across the chest of drawer   adds so much drama.
my niece with her self stitched out-fit
A pooja that's normally performed at home annually this time coincided with Diwali

My daughter usually create a light filled home, which is really serene, relaxing, with an airy breezy feel and lots of punchs of colour. She is talented and she is a person with esthetic sense.
She did her diwali shopping from different markets of Delhi. She has used a lot of different natural textures to bring a homely feel, ....rugs,......blinds,.old art prints carefully handpicked from......hang in groups

All kinds of lamps come together, t lights in crochet jacket jars, traditional Haryanvi  oil lamps, candles and my new Haryanvi   Lantern(hidden below the chest). 


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