Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Early morning

There was a thunderstorm at night full of sand. Well, I woke up at 3:40 am this morning and couldn´t get back to sleep. After one hour of turning on my pillow I gave up and made tea switched on TV to listen Class of Vatsayana at  AsthaTV .
Yet I had to wait till 4:00am for the class and I become nostalgic remembering the thunder fuu of sand……

When I was younger, we lived with   in the air force areas of different parts of country and  came to the village on vacation these days. Yes these days of Jyeshthaa(May-June)were so hot in those days that hot wind and storms with dust were regular features.
Our village had no electricity. We used to sleep in open area of our huge mansion which is at the centre part of that building surrounding the central part with room all around. I used to dip my khesi (a linen sheet to throw on at night ) in bucketful of water, squeeze and put-on tightly and  asleep. Iused to repeat the process two tree times at night daily , this was an easy way to cool myself and escape from the dust.
 We (me and my grandma)used to got up at 3:30 AM sharp ,my grand ma endelged in her daily chore of churning curd, while I used to make tea first using kachha hearth burning Khejri sticks. The raw milk of our buffalo which I used was so thick and tasty that tea taste divine .  I used to put some cream of the milk which collected on the upper layer for my tea only . The cream was so divine to taste that
  I have not forgotten to this day.. Regardless of tasty things I have ever eaten, nothing Taste divine Like the milk and its cream. My grandma used to put this milk pot(kdhavani) for boiling (backing) on the simmering heat of the dungs (in hara) in the morning for the whole day. The thick ‘malai’ used to cover the milk which used to become pinkish  by the evening. She would never allow anybody to take this malai .She would curd this milk along with raw milk of evening  at night and early in the morning when everybody was asleep she would churn this curd with long heavy wooden beater (madhani) tied with cotton  rope on a wooden stand in a clay pot called  ‘bilona ’ with her  both hands till the butter began to float on the ‘lassi’.  She would take out the butter from it and put it in a separate pot( colloquali known as timaniya’ and ‘classih’ (curd milk without butter) in a separate pot. The ‘lassi’ was served during the day, the butter was mainly used for the chapattis but the fresh butter with ‘basi-khichadi’ of preceding night and ‘lassi’ were served in the morning which used to be the breakfast

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