Sunday, May 10, 2015

Missing my Mom-----------Love you mom

This is my second Mother’s Day without my Mom and there is still rarely a day when I don’t think about her and miss her. Few days back   listened a concert. Some words from the song Wanting Memories  resonated with me. I thought that you were gone, but now I know you’re with me.

I lost my mom in Jan 2014. There are days that are harder for me than others and Summer  is a difficult season because mom loved it, sitting on her" piddhaa" (a smaller version of khat , to sit on )and "bijanaa" (hand fan)in her hand she used to sit leisurely 
chatting and having relief with the fan in her hand . I do not think we ever get over losing our moms. We go through periods of adjusting to different levels of grief. Grieving has no time period, you have to adjust and grieve at your own pace. I lost my father in 2007 and there are times that the grief is still fresh, but not as sharp as the pain of losing my mom.

This year, Mother's Day falls on Sunday, May 10.<br />
God bless all moms

Mom with her g-daughter

mom knitting squares for blanket
 "Mother's Day is celebrated in over 40 countries worldwide. In the United States in accordance with Regulation congress of 1914 always falls on the second Sunday in May. Poland has been established that will be celebrated on May 26.
 Most countries that have adopted this holiday organizes them just in May.  It is therefore the month of May, in addition to many other important dates and anniversaries, which in itself carries, also a month of the mother.  This is yet another reason to call it the most beautiful month of the year.
 Tradition handling of Mother's Day dates back to ancient Greece.  Along with the blossoming of our ancient ancestors spring approach the celebration of the feast of Mother Nature.  During special festivals, which culminated in the burning of victims brought by the congregation, Folding hold the goddess Rhea, wife of Cronus, mother of the universe and all deities.  In ancient Rome created a custom celebrations of the goddess Cybele, also regarded as the mother of the gods.  This feast was called Hilaria and it lasted three days, from 15 to 18 May.
 The modern Mother's Day carries a lot remains of the Roman Hilariach.  As with many other pagan holidays, Hilaria been "adapted" by the patriarchs of the early church and converted to the Catholic feast of the Mother of God.  As time evolved into the custom of that day to return to his home parish in which this was a baptized, and in this way not only to honor the Mother of God but also his own mother.
 Another look at the history of Mother's Day is the story of the so-called.  "Maternal Sunday," celebrated from around the sixteenth century in England and Scotland.  Every fourth Sunday of Lent for the young and young laborers were primeval forests to their homes to spend the day with their mothers.  Traditionally mothers bring small gifts or special "mother's cake", where a visit to the house was walking the girl.

 In the United States the history of Mother's Day, of course, very happy story, but adoring his mother to the borders of Miss Anna Jarvis of South Virginia.  Two years after her mother's death in 1907, Anna Jarvis and her circle of friends began a campaign to establish an official Mother's Day.  Miss Jarvis, who herself never married and who to the end of his life taking care of his blind sister thought that in this way will make the best tribute that to which he longed after death more than life.  Also argued that mothers are too undervalued, and children often too late to realize the validity of the mothers in your life.  The establishment of Mother's Day was to strengthen the bond between parents and their children, and pay attention to the effort you put in maternal care of their families.  The first Mother's Day, which led Anna Jarvis was honored with a special Mass at which they prayed for all the mothers in the world.  Just four years later, Mother's Day was already well known and adopted the feast. "


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