Saturday, May 30, 2015

Recycling, and experiment with new colour

Few days back i recycled a CD and Plastic to convert them into a Vase 

not waste!!!
It's not quite recycling but is certainly not waste!!!
 I did some experiment with new type of colour 
I mix up white cement gulaal(Holi Colour) fevicol and water than apply only one coat on the vase.The result was encouraging and i think it lasts for long. Again the vase gained weight with the thick paste of colour,otherwise it was /will be light in weight. I filled the neck of the bottle with the colour paste which hardened and filled in the hallow space of bottle neck which was otherwise undesirable for the vase.
I love this vase !Its beautiful to look at!

it can be used as pen/pencil stand or flower vase.


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