Friday, May 8, 2015

This year

 This year my preference decor-wise is for colour and crochet! And they do cheer me up no end. And to cast some light to the dark evenings I have unpacked my "antique   lantern ". Here it sits on my fabric drop-down spindle weaved yarn box.

colourful crocheted Zar cozies in the niche

pl!!!!!!!!!!bear with me with my cellphone camera with flash
a colourful  patchwork on bed-cover
"antique   lantern "
My crochet  hyperbolic dressed antique doll
Beautiful Raubritters 
ONLY TWO YEARS BACK    I planted some rose bushes in the pot and place them along the railing of the front door, hoping that one day some of them would "spill over" to the road side. So far most of them are too small to do so, but Raubritter has managed to find its way through the supporting cooton yarn nailed on the front yard wall.


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