Wednesday, April 6, 2016


Last week I was in Delhi with my daughter, that’s why it is very strange how I seem to attach myself to one craft at the expense of another. I started my working week crocheting and it was all I could think about.   However, things didn’t go so smoothly and after frying just about every stitch of crocheting that I crocheted  over a few hours, I just knew that I needed to stop and go and do something else, regardless of how much I didn’t want to. But I had no options I was away from home and provided with several balls of crochet yarns(No.10 cotton) and one crochet of No.7 onlythe flat where my daughter used to live is short of sufficient sun light and I had to depend on electricity light , so crocheting with cotton thread with No. 7 crochet instrument is very difficult. Any how I created these lovelies in one week time and I love them all...............

photographed from the back (rose flower for yoke)

Vipin's shirt yoke is on the go ............ 


Yoke of Rehan's frock

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