Tuesday, April 5, 2016

outside In

The weather here in the Northwestern part of India doesn’t seem to show it but the inevitable summar weather will soon be on its way.  My garden(pot gardenin the front yard)is looking tired and dreary from the late summer sun. Leaves are beginning to crinkle, blooms are spent and nature is telling me that I’ll soon move indoors.  I stopped by my front yard yesterday and found myself looking at house plants.  I guess I’m not ready to leave the great outdoors, but rather bring a bit of it inside with me. I found this great Alocasia Portora, also known as Giant Elephant Ears. It can live outdoors beginning in the spring but would rather spend the Hotter weather inside…much like myself.  Once our nights begin to cool, it will be moved in to the living room. I think it will look quite lovely near the window, bridging that gap between outside and inside.
                                                                                      A pretty good idea I think!
Giant Elephant Ears in safe state

the front gate

Giant Elephant Ears waiting to be placed inside 

wrought iron pot stands waiting to be inside with pots in them

I bought these stands from Ludhyana in the year 2003  when i visited Ludhiyana to attend a conference in Ludhyana Agri Univ
we specially visited various shops to have them. as soon as we entered the Home science College in LAU, i was attracted towards various wrought iron pot stands a asked the store keeper there , to purchase these beautiful stands and the search started with our jeep and laborious driver after roaming here and there in loha mandi we got these stands i bought many sizes and shapes of these stands  these are two among them all.


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