Saturday, April 16, 2016

Traditional Haryanvi Kothi for grain storage and eatable storage

The small earthen cupboard with a wooden door is the ancient Kothi Haryanvi fridge…

It is called Kothi. It is used to keep the grain but also butter  milk and curd,roti,sabji or any other food item that needs to be kept fresh. It is the perfect place to set the curd. In winter, this earthen cupboard will provide the necessary warmth for the curd to set. And in summer, it will prevent the dahi to turn sour.
traditional Haryanvi kothi

sketch of kothi in our mansion when i was a kid

I still remember our kothi in our mansion it was placed between three decorative pillers of varanda. Mainly it was for grain storage and my grandpa filled it with millets in level one foot   below the wooden window and my grand ma store the chappaties raw milk for tea, butter and other eatebles on grains in kothi there was two steps on ground to approach the eatables for children

 It was made using the Talab (pond)’s mud mixed with a bit of straw (no cow dung). The external white coating is done using a white mud diluted in water.

As Kothis are not in demand anymore (people want fridges, modern furniture), the know-how to make these sustainable fridges and storage bins is fast disappearing. 
kothi and kuthla
The bigger mud structures with openings at the base are grain storages, Grains are filled with the openings at the top then tightened with mud lid

Note how these grain stores are not only sustainable but also beautiful piece of arts!!

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