Friday, July 5, 2013

Its me with crochet

I am a self taught crocheter. I learnt via YouTube and taking books out from the library. I was very aware in the beginning that British and American terminology was very different, in that we use the same wording for different stitches, very confusing.

I can remember thinking more in terms of British terminology in the beginning, so just thought that i would always use f British  as my go to language. My entire previous patterns were in British terminology. But last week I wrote a pattern of a bag and posted it to publish in Sarita. It has now only just occurred to me that I used American terminology. I think this turn around in my thinking has occurred because I have read and used quite a few vintage American pattern in the last year, e.g. the

flowers-with-crochet and the    tiny-doily. 

So now I have to decide what to do. Do i keep using American terminology or revert back to British?

In favour of British is the fact that i read and the library owned British books, and any books or old patterns that I come across will nearly always be written in British.

Then there is the third and the Best which is the internet, which I do love.

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