Monday, September 23, 2013

My ripple bolster,Child prodigy

For my ripple bolsters I completed the rectangular body of the bolster. Once I crocheted enough length  to wrap around the bolster cushion I realized I would need to fill in the edge gaps as they were in zigzag manner from starting point and at the end 
then I realized that combining and attaching the two sides will produce the leveled surface and the bolster tube. 
 I decided the only thing that would suffice was ...... to join the ends with slip stitch!  And I did it!
It took me four attempts set the zig-zag sides right, as the  starting points were  worked in up and down stream, likewise my joining slip stitch worked up and down, but I got there in the end.

For the ends I just made a round using some of the colours I used for the body part now the sewing part is left for the project to complete.

 The child 

child prodigy


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