Friday, April 18, 2014

My Dad, nostalgia, Ghir Ghir Ke Aayi Badariya - Ek Thi Ladki

This is an older very beautiful song. My father use to utter occasionally especially staring clouds overhead. Wow what memories.  



This beautiful song is composed in raag "malgunji" taal roopak.  

Today while walking on the jogging track for my morning walk suddenly it got dark due to clouds overhead they were sailing towards the north it seemed they will just shower upon me but they were not. and I continued my brisk walk and got nostalgic remembering my dad for the dark clouds………..
My dad and Jim_Valvano's quote 

On the afternoon before my matriculation in 1969, we all were st our farm standing under  jaandi

Tree, we used to live at our village Kharkari-Makhwan in Haryana. My father was posted at Jorhat  Air force station. He always in his rural traditional outfits while at village, and on that day, and on that day he’d brought   Dhoti, afreshly pressed khadi white shirt and a khesi my nanu had gotten him for a gift  to my mom for him when mom visited nanu at his place’s remember what he was wearing because it was the first time I noticed him kheep twigs weaving a rope to carry the fuel-wood . He was chanting the song Ghir –ghir ke aaye Badariy while staring clouds and weaving rope I still remember his dhoti wrapped like a half pant.

“Dad,” I said,” have you ever seen the picture contained this song?” my sister laughed and my mother got upset, accused none of us of taking an interest. Because my father became so emotional while on this song that he cant utter a word, and his eyes were filled with water….

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