Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Haryanvi Novelties




 a traditional dress colloquially named as Daaman or ('Ghaaghri'  ..i.e.
A very heavy, bulky and beautiful skirt worn by womenfolk in villages
.the upper part is termed as Dabotta ....i.e...The top portion of desi skirt (Ghaaghri) from where the thick rope ('Naaadda) is passed through  to tie the skirt on the waist
Laamann ..i.e...The bottom portion of a desi skirt ('Ghaaghri')







both the above pics are Daamans but made up with Dowati ..i.e...The thick, hand-made cotton cloth

All the above 4   pics are Phulkaries (shawl embroidered on Dowati ..i.e...The thick, hand-made cotton cloth)

Chund-di Same as 'Chunni' in Hindi


Aangi ..i.e...Blouse to wear with Daaman (skirt)


Topaa (decorated with embroidery and patchwork cap with hood for kids)


Traditional Jewelry box for Haryanvi women


A Haryanvi woman with all traditional jewelry with Chunda
Choonda   ...i..e...A hair style of rural womenfolk - to tie the hair with strings on top of the head

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