Thursday, April 24, 2014


THE SECRET since last wek. But due to my tight schedule I was not able to sit in front of TV. Than yesterday  a good friend of mine  Santosh who  knows how open minded I am and also about all the reading I have been doing in regards to meditating, yoga and energy work; so she told me I had to watch this movie called “The Secret” and that it could change my life and I was like, WAH! let's see!!
I just finished watching the film and its crazy it almost confirms my thought process of how powerful the mind is and your Imagination is everything, & how its a preview of life’s coming attractions!
Also while yesterday while watching Ram katha  live from  Bodh_Gaya  on Aastha_TV  ,   Morari_Bapu  told the gem words of  _Buddha   below;
“All we are is the result of we have we have thought”  – _Buddha

How true!
Again I can say:

What can you do right now to turn your life around?
--Start making a list of what your grateful for.  Gratitude in your life.  (It will shift your energy and thinking  to positive)
--VISUALIZE.  “When you visualize, you materialize”  The feeling creates attraction.  And the universe can make your dreams come true!
Those were just a few good points I took from the film, it really opens your eyes to a whole new light.  I’m sure its not for everyone, but if this can help just one more person that makes me happy.

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