Saturday, April 12, 2014

Meaning of my Lazy days

Women pick cotton at a field in Hisar.
women picking cotton
Yesterday my sis came in to go to my parents at our village. She dropped here to pic my kids with her to spend there weekends with their nanu’s that’s why I am alone here. So, I’ve been a little self-indulgent today. I turned off my alarm and slept in. After finally waking up and eating “breakfast”, I lounged in bed checking my social networks and listening to some of my favorite music. I continuously overruled the nagging voice in my brain, reading off my long to-do list for my days off.
My original plan was to spend my Monday getting all my chores and errands done, and have Tuesday as a real day off for fun and relaxation. (I probably would have found more chores.) Instead, I let my procrastinate nature kick in and rule the day.
All day long I’ve been fighting off the guilt that I know I’ll be kicking myself with tomorrow. I could feel guilty for being “irresponsible” and lazy. I could get mad at myself for only washing half of the dishes and leaving the rest for later. I could grumble at myself for not setting foot outside today. Or I could look on the bright side. Today I avoided the sweltering heat of the semi-arid area here. Today I gave my over-worked cycling muscles a much needed break. Today I didn’t wear makeup and gave my skin a breather. Today I tenderized my left-hand fingertips with sitar strings and exercised my vocal chords enough to likely annoy the neighbors (luckily my roommate was at work). So my list for tomorrow has grown, and I could get up and knock a couple small items off tonight. I am not going to college since last week , I am doing my project of preparing a pattern for cotton picking bag for  farmwoman, to reduce their drudgery. 
Or I could lay back and finish this sweater I’m knitting.

 “I restore myself when I’m alone.” – Marilyn Monroe

“So it goes.” — Kurt_Vonnegut

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