Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Navratre 2014

 I am   on fast for  Navratri yesterday was my first day

Fasting is beneficial for health……..  some days back I stumbled on an article on fasting, the benefits of it and the answer to our prayers. I forgot the link on the internet…..her it is

Fasting is not something you would normally want to do. Who wants to go hungry? You don’t want to become anorexic. And why would you even consider fasting? Well, there are actually some benefits to fasting every once in a while. Studies show that occasional fasting is in reality very good for your health.

It’s not easy at first to go without food or drink for 24 hours, but the benefits are worth the short-term sacrifice that you make for your spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical health.

Here are some reasons to inspire you to fast:

  1.  Some people fast as soon as they get any symptom of a sickness – that works for me. If I get any flu or cold symptom, I immediately start a 24-hour fast (no food or drink) and whatever I had is gone within the first 12 hours. And I haven’t had a cold or flu for years.
  2. It’s a cleansing time, no food means everything in your body that is not you gets consumed first – virus, bacteria, cancer, cholesterol, saturated fats, blockages, tumors,…

  3.   Since you are not drinking any water, all moisture in your body is conserved for vital organs and your body. Anything that is not you will dehydrate and most likely die.
  4.  Fasting is a way to get answers to prayers. You make a sacrifice before the Lord in order to insure receiving an answer, kind of like kneeling at an altar with a sacrifice – like in the bible days.
  5.   Fasting makes your body feel weak at first and your spirit strong. It’s a good time to pray, meditate, and read the scriptures. It seems weakening but it strengthens you spiritually and physically. Some churches, like the one I go to, fast once a month.
  6.  Some people fast once a week or don’t eat after 2:00 everyday, because it contributes to age reversal, being more beautiful and energetic.
  7. The poor benefit from your fast offering – the money you saved by not eating.

After your fast, don’t just go and pig out on a big meal. Gently ease yourself back into nourishing yourself. Try a piece of fresh fruit, then later a piece of bread with some salad or soup, then later something else. You have just cleansed your body and it’s not too smart to go junking it up again so fast. Plus, it will be healthier to just take one step at a time.

Well, you won’t know about fasting and the benefits if you don’t try it. So, give it a try and let me know how it went for you. I’d love to hear your comments and additional information. Fasting is a very effective way to change your life for the better.



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