Monday, April 14, 2014

Visit to Bnagala Sahib on birth day of my daughter

I stumbled on a folder of Gurudwara on my computer ! that inspired me to post the pics and text here..............
Gurudwara_Bangla_Sahib is an important historical and religious place in India. Dedicated to the eighth Sikh Guru, Sri Harkishen Sahib, Gurudwara in our country  means a Sikh place of worship or a Sikh temple. On a recent trip to New Delhi I, along with my wife and her brother-in-law, decided to visit one historical Sikh temple called Gurudwara Bangla Sahib located at Connaught place, in New Delhi.
(Sahib is thus written and spoken, as a form of respect to someone of high authority. Sikhs, therefore, call their Holy book as Guru Granth Sahib. Guru Granth Sahib is considered a living Guru; a living entity).
at 12:10 AM on 2nd April 2-13 in her room

My daughter in Gurudwara
On 2nd april of 2013 my daughter  and I were in Gurudwara_Bangla_Sahib celebrating my daughter’s  B day. We happened to be Gurudwara_Bangla_Sahib just about time for the tea at 8:00AM. They do Shabad . and offer tea at 8:00AM  morning   each  day. I really wanted to have tea there, but my daughter  wanted to shop next door, kanishka-shopping-plaza-if I remember correctly. So we agreed that I would go to have tea at guru  and she would go shopping, and we would reconnect via cell phone.
 The Gurudvara was, of course, amazing, outside and in.
Guruprasad - in My daughter's hand
I was in awe and felt very reverent. They have it set up so that Sangat can walk around the outside of the interior of the gurud , while they conduct Shabad .  recital  in the center area. It looked like there were about 100 people there for tea on stairs that could easily seat twenty times that number. I just kind of wandered around looking at things and enjoying tea with Kachori -   (in English).
Source: self Gurudwara Bangla Sahib
Source: self
When it came time for a prayer, I stopped walking, bowed my head, and closed by eyes.  
Source: self
 However all the other Sangat  kept walking, talking, and even taking flash pictures.
Source: self
 I was somewhat taken aback. In our custom, no matter what people are doing in one of our buildings,
Source: self
 if they are within hearing of a public prayer, they stop what they are doing and wait reverently until it is over.
  I stopped and waited until the prayer was over and then said Sat_Sri_Akaal.
My lovely daughter

I have conflicting emotions about the experience. On the one hand, I was really glad to be a part of Sangat at a historic Gurudwara. I have always enjoyed Shabad . And I think I’m glad they open it up to the entire world. On the other hand, the whole experience seemed a little sacrilegious. I can’t imagine us opening our Sacrament Meeting to the public like that, not to mention our temple worship.

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