Monday, April 7, 2014

yesterday and today

The rain on Sunday was quite spectacular and it came down in sheets for most of the day. My very pot garden had its frequent  decent drops of rain for several frequent days. I took advantage of not being able to garden and disappeared to my crafty place for a few hours to have some crafty play. After staying for long inside I came out in the evening hours, the clouds started to cleared, we watched the huge cotton wool clouds floating overhead.

On Tuesday the sun returned in the morning time and as I sat down  in front of my computer an intense glare of light made me uncomfortable ,without turning to my right I shouted “just turn off the light.” my niece answered the lights are off . then I turned to my right it was the window of sun light created on the wall by the nature itself .How beautiful and bright.

Just see in the picture below and little later.

today, little later then pic above
“You don't make art, you find it”                                     Pablo Picasso


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