Thursday, May 28, 2015

ME MAKE-Fabric covered shelving unit

My shelving unit the……… metal rack  it was previously it was R5 unit then ihad to cut downt itw upper portion to place it under beam shelve in my store room.

Then several years of service, I decided to make its cover with fabric to keep my items dust free.
For that had to remount its upper part first. I simply attach them together using cord and tie them   stitching through the holes on them.  This cover has cords for opening and closing. Cords make opening and closing the cover easy, and corner straps hold up the flaps when I need access my items

Whatever I am storing stuff inside or out, I will love the convenience of this cover. The upper four shelves were
 send witched in round openings. While the lower one for my scared books have another opening with grommets on two flap opening.
Isn’t it beautiful and convenient to use .easy to make cheap!!

Hand Made …..I think I am creative! 


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