Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Is it Nostelgia feast today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OR anything else

Remembering prissy days of Bhadra  Months I become nostalgic and remembered last year’s laborious project I completed in this month . There is a saying in Haryana  about Bhado that “bhadon /Bhadra main to siri bhi bhaj jaayaa krain  sain” ( the agricultural labours run away and quit farm wor for their landlords ……due to harsh conditions to work in the fields in the month of Bhadra )  

This is the rack and  is custom made  by my handyman 
2-Shelf Kitchen Rack with Fabric Dust Cover. 30'"Wx27.75"Dx25.5"H
it was placed  in the  lower shelf   almirah of the room as the renovation in the kitchen was on the way that time 

 One of my prepping project that was completed last year these days was a wood storage rack. It was built with some used lumber "scrounged" from a construction site. It's 30'"Wx27.75"Dx25.5"H
 in size. It was made three feet wide to accommodate tit bits of kitchen  . This was made to fit under the kitchen’s preparation platform    as a place to store some kitchen items   in a place that would be accessible when in need .
This versatile Kitchen and dish cloth  rack in wood scrap with zip opening  is easy to operate . One  shelve  stack bottles juicers, antique pans  ,wooden spatulas, spoons, ladles, and churners   and second shelve stacks dish cloths mesh cloths, muslin cloth etc.    Our dust cover protects stack while a zipper provides easy access to shelves.

Kitchen that was transformed into store house 

Since we will purchase/built a new big house in the near future, I didn’t want to procure any new drawer or almirah or I didn’t want to add doors to my store slab (which was our previous kitchen ..and the space ..from cooking platform  and upper open shelf can be made almirah by adding additional slabs and doors )so in short I wanted to make something a little quicker to hold my growing stash of yarn, thread, floss, macramé wires, beads, fabrics and lace.etc…etc, so I decided to cover a wooden rack with some fabric wadding and plastic sheet to prevent the internal space from dust…in our arid area the fine powdery sand particles are really nuisance especially in summer that they used to penetrate through the foam wadding+ fabric so I have to sandwich a plastic sheet necessarily….

later i covered this rack
Here is how…….  Here, Here..., Here
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