Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Amazing Book

Yes...It's feel good!

"The best girl" by Emma Harrison is a cute, easy to read and lovely story about being the person you want to be.

Farrah Jane Morris loves her first semester at college and that for the first time she can be just how she wants to be. It reminds me the book I read when I was a kid and whole my teen age I tried to fallow the path.

Having back to family her trouble to stay true to herself and say no to her mother's attempts to make her more girlie. In her first semester break Farrah stays at an expensive lodge where her brother marries rich and famous Marni. When it turns out that her crush Connor is working at the lodge where the wedding will take place things get exciting and complicated. Connor thinks that the guests at the lodge are total snobs so Farrah and her new friend Biff (really Buffy, she's Marnis sister) claim to be nannys for Farrah's little brothers. Soon Connor and Farrah start to date and everything could be perfect. But she knows that when he will uncover her lies their relationship could be over.

On the cover it self one can imagine "The best girl" as a funny, entertaining and lovely story and that's exactly what I got.

Farrah is a great and very believable character. She's happy to be at college and to have the chance to be herself. She's a shy and very likable girl and I loved her interactions with her brother, her mom and Biff. Her lies to Connor were white lies and she's definitely not a mean person.

Connor is really good with his great character and matchs interests with Farrah. He was very sweet to her and really cared about her feelings and dreams.

It was understandable that he was hurt and angry when he found out who Farrah really is. His reaction was not over the top and I liked how in the end they got back together.

All in all I really enjoyed reading this book and will definitely read more books by Emma Harrison in the future. If you want to relax and have some fun this cute and lovely book is a good choice.

Happy day!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


It was very hot in the scorchy heat of May-June. I was at a loss to know what to stitch for my daughter. Anything stitched with new fabric will make rashes on the body than I scanned my w-rob and found out the dress, which once published in “Grah Shobha” the leading Hindi magazine of repute and a big circulation among women in all over India.

My daughter modelling for her dress


I used only this dress for the new one.
The shift dress was made with dark blue and white poplin material and the skirt was coarser
khadi cotton material. Both materials were little bit faded as per the nature of cotton fabric.
I used the upper shirt for
bodice section of the dress, and undid the top edge of the skirt removed the threaded elastic, so I have a lacy petticoat for the dress.

see both the dresses
I used new thread, because I am fussy about my thread. I only use good quality thread, because I want to make sure my sewing stays together as long as the garment does. If the thread gives up, the garment becomes too hard to look after over time as random seams pop, usually in hard to repair areas, and becomes landfill quicker. In this case, I used an industrial thread, because I was sewing with my industrial machine. Domestic thread doesn't go so well when sewing at super high speed, because it heats up and snaps. Not that I was going fast, but I keep my threads for each machine nearby, and in fact this one was already on the machine.

True confession time, it's white, because I'm lazy about rethreading. Some of the basting showed a little at the end, so I pulled those stitches out. I actually don't get too concerned about perfect colour matching, unless it is on the outside of the garment. It's surprising what you can get away with. In fact, an African designer working in Paris in the early 90's made it his signature to sew everything together with red over locking. Apparently he got a good deal on a big box of leftover thread when he was starting out, and turned necessity into a statement.

collage of work


I undid the hem of the shirt/blouse, iron its creases. cut short the sleeves Undid the seams of sleeves and side seam of the shirt, to have some room to make the size little bit larger at armholes, stitch taking little seam allowance from length of sleev through underarm to waist. Hem the sleeves at openings.

I undid the elastic hem and the bottom hem of the skirt, thrown away the elastic, iron the creases that were made, I also undid the bottom hem and fold it to minimum to increase the length of the dress.

After all the destructions you can say and ironing, side seams I attached the skirt to the shirt/blouse to make it larger dress of my daughter.

feel good...postures...
See in the picture colour is faded, but still the fabric is soothing to wear at night and home.
interpret, incorporate or copy the idea, economize on your ward robe!
Have a good day!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Brontë Sisters Power Dolls

oh i found out this ...after a long time....
This is the best thing I’ve seen in a long long time!

The joke’s on you, narrow-minded cur! We are WOMEN!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Wardrobe refashion---daughter’s out-fit out of mother’s …..

Save mother earth by turning unwanted items into something useful.

my daughter wearing suit reconstructed out of min pictured above….

See the picture, out of my upper shirt I stitched her salwar, and with my slwar I stitched her shirt, I used the chunni material to make full sleeves of my daughter’s shirt and, frills attached on neck line with chunni material, made the dress little more fashionable and beautiful.

i am posed with my brother’s younger daughter…. and on right.... isn't me...

My beautiful suit! isn't it, pictured above!

This is the suit of mine, fabric with matching chunni was bought by my aunt from America. I liked it very much I was so exited to wear it that I spent almost 3/4th of the night to stitch it (making row-stitches in hurry, to make it just to put on once) so that I can wear it next day on the ring cerymony of my younger brother. Then for coming few years I used to wear it at special occasions, and next several years I used it day-in day-out, wash-in wash out. I finally bored to wear it but the texture stuff was so cute, I couldn't want to through it . I finally decided to reconstruct it , and tansformed it into another suit dress for my daughter.

So i used this old out-fit of mine into a brand new dress for my daughter...

Try it out, and be earth friendly!


Economise on your dress!

Save money!

Be friendly with the fabric you like most, with you---- for a long time!

Preseve it till the actual death of the fabric!

Mharee Reet Mhaare Geet Audio CD Release

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Today’s Quote

Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months.

- Oscar wild (1854-1900)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Happy Mother’s Day

It sounds very nice to celebrate motherhood….ahhhh

Firstly…..its great to have mama like you….a vonderful lady… always kind and helpful, always stand by me in the time of crisis…and now ..after fathers death….always with me.. She is kind, considerate, opinionated, angry, open, strong. She has become a really awesome woman. She was just a girl…when I was a kid, she was very beautiful as the old ladies of our village used to say . I think she grew into herself.

You know she was only 18 when she had me,and she was 13 in her marriage . And back then I think I was hard for her to deal with, but still..... she was a great mom. She taught me how to deal with elders in the family,how to cook, make sweets, stitch clothes,to crochet and knit , to love being outside, to just love life. I don't know if she knows all she has done for me. She does everything for my sisters and brothers too.... I hope they notices..

I feel like I am a child under your protection!

I wanted to give my mom an item she really in need, so my gift is need based gift and I came up with

this set.....i gave this set to my mamma!and she was very happy!

Somethig ….customs… be preserved…..and …… memorable here!

My mom’s earlobe holes are very large, in this old age her earrings can’t retained comfortably in the large earlobe- holes. In Haryana it was customary to pierce the girl child’s ear lobes at early age, because the girls were supposed to stretch their earlobe holes using a gradual process so that they can wear their earrings (named bujli of 4 gauze i.e. of very large circumference ,approximately the size of a crayon pencil) at their marriage.

Method used to enlarge their earlobe gauze was using…

· Peacock feather stem

· Tamarind powder

· Mustard oil

· Water

They cut the stems (starting from one stick) twice the thickness of their earlobes, after piercing they used to wear a metal(silver or gold) rings, after healing (they used to apply mustered oil and, tamarind powder, for healing). After healing they insert one stick from peacock feather after making it very thin ( using water and rubbing the sticks with to and fro movement in palms to make the sticks as thin as they can),after insertion they spray water on ear lobes, so that the thin sticks gradually swallows and make the earlobes large. they had to repeat the process tow-three times a day. After some days they insert another set of feather sticks, they used to increase the number of sticks, thus made their earlobe -holes larger to accommodate their large earrings i.e bujlies.

So, on this mother’s day I gave a best present….. a set of earchains (kaunoti) to my mom.

I love my mom. I don't tell her enough. We don't say that stuff. We don't really hug in my family either. It's kinda uncomfortable. My sisters hugs. I'm actutally uncomfertable with hugs.nobody in our huge family ever tried to hug me, I am a person with somewhat hard in nature(strong, brave as people used to say),softness is not my nature. My friends don't even think I'm weird anymore when I grab there arm and hold their hand or just grab their waist for no reason. For some reason I can't just hug my family members... the anxiety.,,, it's just NOT WHAT WE DO, OK?!! Well ok.

Happy Mother's Day to my wonderful mom! And all of my wonderful friends! I love all of you very much! So there!!!!!!!!!