Sunday, March 27, 2011

सर्जन-गाथा ...धारिणी में इस बार क्या लिखा है विपिन चौधरी ने ........

सर्जन-गाथा के धारिणी कालम में विपिन चौधरी जनवरी महीने में कुछ यह लिखती हैं....

पश्चिम में 1950 से लेकर 1960 तक के दौर को इक़बालिया कविता नाम दिया गया था, जिसमें ऐनी सेकसेन और सिलविया प्लैथ दो प्रमुख कवियत्री का नाम प्रमुख था, ऐनी सैक्सोन को विश्व की पहली नारीवादी कवयित्री माना जाता है जिन्होनें अपने निजी जीवन के तमाम उतार चढावों अवसाद, अलगाव, आत्महत्या, निराशा माहवारी, गर्भपात यहाँ तक की हस्तमैथुन और व्यभिचार को भी अपनी कवियाओं में दर्ज़ किया।

विपिन चौधरी
उनकी कविताओं के शीर्षक भी खासे बोल्ड थे आगे पढने के लिये इस साईट पर क्लिक करें ....
हैप्पी लर्निंग!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

फैज साहिब की जन्म शताब्दी वर्ष 2011

फैज अहमद फैज शायद सबसे प्रसिद्ध आधुनिक उर्दू कवियों में से एक थे. वे भारत के अविभाजित पंजाब में पैदा हुए थे और उन्होंने विभाजन के बाद पाकिस्तान में रहने का फैसला ले लिया था. पिछले दिनों में चैक्वेरा पढ़ रही थी जो कि फैज़ साहब को बहुत पढ़ते थे. जैसा कि इस वर्ष 13 फरवरी को उनके 100वें जन्म दिवस पर (1911-नवंबर1984) फैज़ साहिब की जन्म शताब्दी को मनाने की 60 से अधिक देशो ने घोषणा कर रखी है भारत वर्ष में 2011 "फैज़ ही फैज़" थीम के तहत दिनों दिन राजधानी दिल्ली में प्रोग्राम हो रहे हैं.जनवादी लेखक संघ ने अक्तूबर-दिसम्बर २०११ में उनके नाम या पथ निकाला

उनका शायद आखिरी मुशायरा ....

शाबा खैर!!!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Faiz Ahmad Faiz: The Last Mushiarah (Poetry Slam)

twigs for deco

Here is a frugal   and distinct way to create a centerpiece or decoration for a table. A very eco-friendly way  would be to wrap the dry twigs of a plant or a tree   . Using yarn, wrap small branches from the bottom to the top in any color that goes with your room. You may want to spice it up a little by using colors that really stand out, but still go with your general color scheme.


I started with leftover pieces of yarn; I fixed a small knot at the bottom of the stick; and began wrapping the yarn up toward the top. When the yarn ran out, I simply tied another strand of yarn to it and continued covering the branch. Once I reached the end of the branches I fixed another knot and dabbed with a little bit of glue (fevicol) to keep the ends down.

Initially this project was a little bit time consuming, but was actually fun and a little relaxing. I love that we are able to bring in the nature of outdoors with a modern and sort of chic spin on it. Using these low cost materials, the only thing this little piece of room décor costs is your time.



Caitanya Mahaprabhu

I acquainted with Mahaaparbhu when I was 11 years old since then I love to read about him.

Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu took initiation from Sri Isvara Puripada, who first gave Him harinama, and to purify that chanting of nama, he gave Him gopal-mantra. Gopal-mantra is transcendental and ever-existing, and it gives a relationship with Krsna as Gopijana-vallabha.

On 19th March (Saturday) is one of the most important days on the Hindu calendar for Gaudiya Vaishnavas. This day is the appearance day of Shree Krishna Caitanya Mahaprabhu. Yet Shree Krishna Caitanya Mahaprabhu or as He is simply known as Mahaprabhu is not well known at all amongst Hindus. Even many of the residents of India are not aware of this very important avatar of Lord Krishna so what to speak of those living outside of India. Sastras mention that Mahaprabhu is a channa avatar (a hidden incarnation) of Lord Krishna. In this very humble article we hope to clarify and as well shed some light on Shree Krishna Caitanya Mahaprabhu.

Shree Krishna Caitanya Mahaprabhu, the great teacher of love of God (Shree Krishna) and the founder of the congregational chanting of the holy name of the Lord, advented Himself at Shridhama Mayapur (this most holy of places is about 130 km north of Kolkata) on Full Moon evening in the year 1407 (corresponding to February 1486 by the western calendar). When the Lord appeared the whole of India was roaring with the holy names of Lord Krishna and millions was bathing in the holy Ganga (the Ganges River). It was an extremely auspicious time to be born.

He was the 10th and the youngest child and was named as Vishvambhara, and later became known as Nimai Pundit, and then after accepting the renounced order of life, Shree Krishna Caitanya Mahaprabhu. After taking Sannyasi, Mahaprabhu travelled continuously all over India and especially South India preaching about Sanathan Dharma (the eternal religion). Mahaprabhu not only preached about Srimad Bhagavatam but also propagated the teaching of the Bhagavad Gita as well in the most practical way. Unfortunately, despite Lord Krsna’s direct order and the teachings of the Gita, less intelligent people misunderstood Him to be nothing but a great historical figure, and thus they cannot accept Him as the Original Supreme Personality of Godhead. Many non-devotees mislead such people with a poor fund of knowledge. Thus even great scholars misinterpreted the teachings of the Gita. After the disappearance of Lord Krsna (3102 B.C) there were hundreds of commentaries on the Gita by many erudite scholars, and almost every one of them was motivated by self-interest. To learn more about why Shree Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead, please visit

शुभ रात्री !!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Report your Grievance in Haryana,मेरी भतीजी सहेली के साथ


भतीजी सहेली के साथ
हरियाणा में समस्याओं का समाधान
यदि आप हरियाणा में रहते हैं और आपकी कोई शिकायत है तो आप अपनी शिकायत के हर समाधान हेतु यहाँ दिए लिंक पर क्लिक कर सकते हैं.

Close-ups of a life...., Niagara of India

 Here in Haryana, there's a saying that goes,
"Sawan ke andhe ko san hara hi dikhta hai ".
 But the Pakoras were delicious.
The tea is brewing.

  It's been raining the whole day, and with a windchill factor that creeps into the bones.

A link to fallow

It's my brother's birthday: Happy Birthday, Bro! XXX

Monday, March 14, 2011

paper beads, Mira Images

Want to know how to make beautiful, light weight, eco friendly, handmade, recycled paper beads! Check out this step by step instructions on how to make a paper bead, and you will enjoy and achieve some stunning results!  

You can find our 
VIDEO TUTORIAL on this site.

a link

RAJASHTAN_D547 | Mira Images

Bargarh and Sonepur among the 20 pilot Handloom Clusters of India

Bargarh and Sonepur among the 20 pilot Handloom Clusters of India

Sunday, March 13, 2011

DIV from Design Sponge

Source:Design Sponge

i always have a few small swatches of fabric sitting around the house (i’m a habitual purl soho and repro depot shopper) so this diy project is right up my alley. jessica jones at how about orange sent over her office supplies makeover project and we both thought it would be fun to share here. so, if you’ve got some office supplies that need sprucing up and a little spare time, click here to read the full instruction for this project. happy crafting! [thanks, jessica!]
Jessica Jones’ Office Supplies Makeover (via How About Orange)
While procrastinating at my desk yesterday, I found myself staring at our letter opener and thinking how plain it looked. Clearly I couldn’t keep using such an abomination. It must be decorated.
And those clips. So black. No fun. I’d seen some lovely binder clips available for purchase here and here, decoupaged with paper, but I wasn’t sure how fabric would work. Experiment time.
1) I tried three options: fabric pieces with iron-on interfacing applied, fabric with HeatnBond applied (not that I was going to iron it to the metal, but it makes your fabric sort of papery when you’ve pulled off the backing), and just plain fabric.
2) Trimmed the pieces carefully to size.
3) Removed the wire handles of the clips (very easy).
4) Applied spray adhesive to the back of the fabric pieces and stuck them to the surfaces.
5) Reattached the wire handles.
6) Painted on two coats of gel medium (thinned with a little water) to seal the fabric on.
Verdict: My interfacing was too thick. Not needed. HeatnBond was good, because it gave the fabric just a bit of stiffness, making it easier to position. Fabric alone worked okay, too. The gel medium seals it down so the edges won’t fray. Happiness.
My today's inspiration 

Colin Cowie Chic |

Friday, March 11, 2011

My article gets published in the Woman’s Era Magazine of Women!

My article gets published in the Woman’s Era Magazine of Women!

Well, you must excuse the pompousness but I am really thrilled!

My article, titled "Google Generation", got selected and published in the Woman’s Era, November 2nd 2010 issue!

It all started with an email from, Publishing Director, Divesh Nath, Managing Editor, Delhi Press Magazines in February that year. He told me that WE were inviting "articles for youth special issue in 2,000 words that illustrate some facet of youth through a personal experience".

I then wrote this article where I described some facts and how I got influenced with the youths of today. The article went through a series of edits, some suggested by the editorial team at WE to make it make more sense to a global audience which is familiar with the Indian youth context.

Finally, about a couple of months later, I was told that the article was selected! And now it has finally been published!
this is the link to the Woman’s Era Magazine which actually appears in the hard copy of the Magazine. This is the link to the online version of the magazine of latest issue. My article is under the section “article” towards the upper of the top of the page.

You can read it here double click to appear in readable version..

Happy Day!