Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Its me

Really I'm not a one project kind of person - I like to have numerous projects on the go at any one time, to be picked up and worked on as time and desire takes hold. Currently I have on the go :

Small pineapple purse

Another pineapple purse on the go

White shawl on the needles

Pineapple squares for the table cloth

mom's dress material

 .., and I have a long way to go) a ripple blanket for winter bed of my MOM which was started a 9 months ago and worked on slowly and which is now having the edgings on   it so will be finished very, very soon, and two cotton dresses of  summer clothing for MOM in various stages of being made/drafted/cut/sewn.

This week with the other members of Ngo I decided to give demo on plarn making (with poly bags and old clothing). Who doesn’t love to use the polybags and old dresses for second use the used items again and again is eco-friendly way of living and will protect our mother earth by lightening the burden of filth on it 
its drizzling outside


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