Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Colourful blanket, Solomons knot tea light holder....brooch....and other things

Colourful blanket

Today I have a pretty colorful post. This blanket I was crocheting about three years ago, when I discovered a French blog. As a child I was knittng a lot, but I have rather reached for crocheting on hook, because the results seemed to me lacy or holy (lots of hole:) That changed when I saw a beautiful colorful blanket  that crocheted the French lady. I thank her, I again fell crochet.
If crocheting a blanket now, I would probably chose a different color, but that is so color is very practical. It's our most favorite blanket on the outside.Three years is used daily during the winter: in the front yard, on the couch,on deewn. It has been washed many times (normally by hand) and dried on the clothesline draped beautifully and still keeps its shape and color.
The blanket is acrylic (my favorite), but despite that, it is not pure wool or cotton, the material is quite expensive:
The size is 150 cm x 220 cm and weighs 1.2 kg.

Solomons knot tea light holder....brooch....and other things

 Solomon knot 4Solomon knot 4
 the instructions are Here

Image from My iPhone! 

 Pretty cute eh?
I cannot take any credit.
I was just having a mooch around my good bloggy friends, when I found this at Sols(tr)ikke, originally at Lola Nova
Well, I just had to try.
A round of single crochet. A round of double crochet. A round of petals.
Well, after discovering that these fabulous hoops are made from up-cycling old bracelets, I clearly needed to sort out my stash... And believe me, I do have a stash.
Nothing fancy, mind you. Just lots and lots, picked up at cheapo prices (Primark, H&M etc).
New crochet-hoopy-circles sorted.
Now, what to do with the rest?
Cue marvellous idea from here I've been thinking about for ages.
Happy crocheting !

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