Sunday, September 15, 2013

My jasmine in the pot

We have big farms at our dadu and nanu’s side. But here at Hisar I don’t have any land to do gardening. This is one of the pleasures one has to give up to stay in the city with no Kutchha land around the house or detached house. But then, the urge to see something green growing around me and something to tend to with my own hands was always there. And obviously the balconies became my miniature gardens. I have not done any major vegetable gardening (except a few in the pots) but there are few flowering plants. And my efforts are on to turn this balcony garden into a gorgeous garden.

One of  my front balcony face the  east so it receives the maximum of morning sun light. (This is one of the important factors you have to keep in mind if you intend starting  a balcony garden.) I have placed few potted plants in these balconies. My small collection of plants keep me happy and reasonably engaged.

My Jasmine plant is of the small and white variety, I have this single variety only. It is also called the Jasminum officinale L. It is not a climber and still small, but soon I will have to provide it with some kind of support as it gains height.

There are few other varieties of Jasmine and the flowers have different types and arrangement of petals. Last year I have collected a few shots of different jasmine flowers during my trips to nurseries at our city just to acquaint me with the varieties of other jasmine flowers.. The single round of petals in the common white Jasmine is the common variety and grows easily too.

Happy gardening!

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