Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Antique granny square scarf

I heard and seen bought the granny squares in the blog world. But i made a granny square scarf in one of my waste management project, while studying in my BSc Home science class. I  made it in the year 1975.believe me or not i did it of my own not any instructions/inspirations/tutorials etc..etc...

And it’s still perfect in doing its work of giving warmth to my ears and neck in cold season.
  This is the scarf I want to wear, this is the one.  It might not work in the deep and frigid misery that is December and January in Haryana, but for those first really cold days, which will be here before long, this is perfect.  It’s colorful and crafty and granny-ish, and I love it so much.  It looks like me. 

I used a Pony hook(size not remembered) for the whole thing.  There are ten squares of five rounds, and I joined them as I went, using this method, which gave it a nice drape.  I added a round of single crochet all the way around, and then finished it with a row of pickets at each end+ messy stitches at the narrow ends.

I love the bold colors and vintage grannies square feel that this scarf has. 
 Now if only it would be end of the summer already. Can't wait to wear it!

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