Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Crochet and me

I never had a real formal education about crocheting.. I mean, my mother only taught me of the basic stitches ch (the chain), sc (single crochet) and dc (double crochet).
From then on, i believed i was really doing dc correctly. You know, 2ch = 1 dc. And so i made all of my crochet projects basing on these stitches i know..
When internet has become a regular thing, i am able to browse through sites on different patterns.. Patterns = pictures of finished products, because i really do not understand the abbreviations of stitches so i rely on the pictures of crocheted patterns, and try to do them based on what i know.
Since, i only have time to browse the net for patterns, I copy them to word then print them at home. So when i get home and read the instructions, i got confused.. it’s like speaking Greek to me…
the crocheted bag


Crochet is definitely a polarizing texture when it comes to purses (and fashion in general). Perhaps it is just my crafty nature, but I love the way it’s used on the  Crocheted Straw Handbag. The fabric is given some stability with a leather top and strap, which makes the bag infinitely more grown-up and less arts and crafts. Yet, it maintains plenty of spunk with floral motifs and the appropriately named “shocking pink” hue. It also comes in brown, but I think the pattern loses too much youthfulness in a darker color.
Happy crocheting!

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