Saturday, September 14, 2013

Do you feel what I feel and see today?

Well yes, you do see throw these photographs(don’t know about feeling), because this is exactly what I saw this morning, as I sat at my dinning table in my island- kitchen drinking a mug of tea. One of those little moments during a sunny golden day in the middle of September when everything is quiet and nothing moves except for the chirrup of birds outside in the trees and the occasional leaf meandering down to the ground. A moment of nothing much, yet contained within that moment is everything that is good and happy.

I love those moments, they give balance to my life and reinforce the belief that the simplest things in life can be the most treasured. I hope you get to enjoy many more moments like this.
Recently my head has been strangely empty, as if its contents had been siphoned out and swished around a bit. That's ok. Sometimes when days are full of busyness there isn't much time for thinking. Despite this, I sense a sort of shape-shifting activity, as if when my thoughts find form again, they will reflect a different perspective. I hope so.


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