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Today in the market suddenly I met with a sweeper of our college! I was just lost in thought. When we lived in upper portion of all the houses of ground floor of the building was empty. People used to throw garbage   in front of empty houses. The waste was stored beneath our house then I called sweepers from college to pick the garbage. My son was 6-7 years old and the sweeper was near 29, my son was so sombrous on seeing the boy sweeping..and said “mom when I will became something I well surely do something for this poor man”.   I told my son’s intention to the sweeper. The sweeper explained that “I am in good service please do something for my son in the times to come.”
.. I was happy that my efforts to put good values ​​in children were Flit ...
In the same lines as my niece is now my adopted daughter I recently asked her if she could think of something kind she could do for strangers, and her response was: “That’s easy – love them!”. It’s not hard to show a stranger some love, and it can come through a simple act of kindness. Love is a chain – don’t be the missing link.
Here are some suggestions:
§  Bring in your neighbor's kids when they were in need for so.  
§  Smile, say hello or even give a hug to a stranger.
§  Pay someone’s ticket in the bus when he/she is in trouble to pay..
§  Give up your parking spot to someone.
§  Buy a coffee for the next person in line at your cafe, or the meal for the person behind you in a drive-through.
§  Register to become an organ donor. And your body after death..
§  Donate blood.
§  When you receive great service, take the time to acknowledge the person and call or write a letter to the company they work for.
§  Give a gift that costs you nothing – you don’t need a reason.
§  Write messages or loving words on the tree in the park (hang a board).
§  Downsize your clothing and/or furniture and donate to a local  Ashram .
§  Tell a funny joke to someone who looks like they need to hear one.
§  Create a ‘swear jar’ for the year: every time you swear, add some money to it and at the end of the year buy a gift for someone in need.
§  Make more food than you need and give it to someone as a ‘takeaway’ meal.
§  For your next birthday, ask friends and family to donate money to a charity of your choice instead of buying you a gift.
§  Make a mixed CD of songs that uplift you and give it to others.
§  Visit an elderly home or an orphanage, ask the staffs who has no visitors, and spend a little time with them.
§  Donate old blankets to a charity.
§  Go to Goshala to serve for the cows.
§  Help someone you know who is looking for a job – you could update their resume or spread the word for them, act as a reference, find opportunities, or simply help build their confidence.
§  Tell someone special that you love them.
§  Write a letter to someone who has made an impact on your life and share with them how they have done so. (For example a teacher, a friend, family member, colleague, mentor or coach.)
§  Make a cake with love and take it into work to share.
§  Share a book that has inspired you, with the instructions that it must be passed on to someone else.
§  Take care of a friend’s children so they can have a break one Saturday night.
§  If you see rubbish on the ground, pick it up.
§  If you have a debt owed to you, call the person and relieve them of the debt.
§  If you see a tourist in your city, take a moment to stop, say hello and let them know some great places to visit.
§  Help someone whose car has broken down on the side of the road.
§  Stand up for someone who needs it.
§  Be kind to someone you dislike.
§  Mentor someone in your workplace.
§  Listen – really listen – to people when they talk.
§  Compliment someone who looks like they need a lift.
All the values inculcate in helps in making better human beings. 

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