Tuesday, September 3, 2013

MSS 2013 activities

Hisar -Pay it Forward community project at MSS centre

nagori gayr at Hisar in olden days


For the past one year our trainees at sewing center  completed an assignment called “Project: Imagine: A social experiment.” The guidelines to the project are for groups of trainees to go out into the community and complete three Pay it Forward plans. The trainees develop the plan, implement it, and present their information and experiences in our Ngo’s annual Social Fair. The groups then compete for top prizes as their projects are judged by members of the community. Some of the projects completed throughout the years have been:
Developing a awareness campaign clinic for youth at a local Dharamshala

  •          Preparing a baby shower for a homeless woman
  •          Reading to kids at a local library
  •          Cleaning a neighborhood house

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