Wednesday, September 18, 2013


In the music class the first lesson our teacher taught was to practice in 
Vajrasana . when she make sure that  , the student can sit for hours in
 the posture of Vajrasana. And I  has to start with Vajrasana from the
first day, long before I  hold  the sitar. Also i was among the good books
 of my music teacher.
My study progressed well. My teacher continually used to challenge me
 and I felt that my command of the instrument i was slowly improving.
 It was about a three hour round trip to the music room each working day,
 but the lesson often goes for the better part of two hours. For that update,
I shall not say so much more about the musical study other than state my
 positive feelings about continuing to move forward in this fashion for that
 particular time. There were times where I felt very immersed in my practice
 and there were others when I felt a strong sense of loneliness in my hostel room.
 But life was going onononoand on..
Rag baageshvarii


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