Saturday, September 21, 2013

yesterday and today

Handwork put in to sit at ease for bhajans

ladies cutting grass

All the ladies that sit for daily evening Bhajan spent substantial part of yesterday clearing away newly grown weeds from the park  and picked  bits of wood and garbage lying around everywhere. They had still more clearing to do, but they were in need of some rest and left thinking the work will start tomorrow. The photo above shows the views in front of my

house, photo three from around the middle of the park beside our front gate. The park is an acre and a quarter with running water and electricity. There are established Pipal , Neem, and shisham,  trees, varieties of  Jasmine , a Oleander , grove, big papdi trees, shisham plus squash creeper in the corner. And of course it has some swings for children and chairs!   

Is it a park or a pond of water!

one can swim in the water body that looks in this photo.

Then this morning it rained heavily and it turned into a water pond there is water everywhere on the road. So the long and short of it is that ladies can’t be able to sit for their evening Bhajan till the park will dry to sit on.  

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