Monday, September 9, 2013

The Holy Vedas

During my    library Visits i enjoyed several holy books along with other books
I almost read several holy books and all the vedas......
In Hinduism Veda means ‘knowledge. ’The four Vedas in Hindu Law are believed to enrich you with knowledge. They have been computed between 4,000 and 1000 BC. No body knows who the real author of the Vedas is. The Vedas were ‘shrutis’ which means they were not composed but they were revealed to wise sages by God. These sages interpreted them in their own words and wrote them down so as to remember it.

The four Vedas are





These four Vedas form the foundation of Hindu religion and law.Unlike most religious laws that enforce strict rules, the Vedas concentrate on growing the full potential and intelligence of individuals. No laws are imposed by the Vedas that restrict the individual’s freedom to think and make informed decisions.


Out of the four Vedas, Rig Veda is considered to be the earliest. It was compiled between 900 and 1000 BC. T The Rig Veda, which is a collection of hymns, comprises 1028 hymns. These hymns are arranged in to 10 mandalas (clusters) some of which are further divided into smaller groups. The Rig Vedic hymns have been revered as powerful from time immemorial.
Even today, a Hindu marriage is considered to be complete only when the Rig Vedic hymns are chanted at the muhurtam or the auspicious time when the parties to the marriage ‘tie’ the wedlock as per their customs.


For sacrificial ceremonies, the Yajur Veda is arranged as a part of the hymns of the Rig Veda. Two parts are there to this Veda, namely, Taiitriya Samhita and Vajasaney Samhita. Taiitriya Samhita is known as ‘Black Yaju’ and Vajasaney Samhita is known as ‘White Yaju.

Samaveda  And   Atharvaveda


atharva veda
The Sama Veda is a liturgical arrangement on the hymns of the Rig Veda whereas the Atharva Veda is primarily composed of sacred and esoteric spells, charms and exorcisms that are still considered to be extremely powerful incantations.
I  also crammed several hymens and read the other parts of these vedas.

Happy reading!

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